[Note: The forest has about 100 locations. I only visit the ones that are important for the game although there are several locations with items you can take. I only get to the ones that are needed to complete the game. A document with the map I drew and notes made can be found here.]

The Sheriff has kidnapped Lady Marion and you, Robin must get her from the castle and hide her. You start somewhere in the forest of Sherwood.

Walk W, NW and NW again to go behind the waterfall. There are several items here that are very useful. GET LEATHERS and WEAR LEATHERS. This is the best protection you can get. Don’t ever take it off. GET STAFF to obtain the healing staff. Useful when you get hurt. There’s a scroll as well. GET SCROLL and READ SCROLL to see how to use the staff. After reading, DROP SCROLL. You want to travel light.

You can’t return the same way you came so go SW to the west bank of the river, then S and E onto the log bridge. Little John is on this bridge as well (although not really announced as such) and he’ll accompany you along the way. Walk E and GET OAK STAFF that’s on the ground. Now walk S five times. Go SE to reach the turn in the road and find an unused torch. GET TORCH.

Go S once and you bump into friar Tuck. He will tell you about a hideout on the other side of the river and the disguise that you need from the hut. Walk E twice to reach the hut. EXAMINE WOMAN to talk to her and she’ll explain again what friar Tuck has told you. GET HABIT to take the clothes from the rack and then W to leave the hut again. Walk NW to get to the turn in the road that will lead to the bridge.

Before you start your crossing, WEAR HABIT. Then walk W three times to cross the river. Because of the habit and the presence of friar Tuck, the guards are completely fooled. Walk NW, then N. Friar Tuck will tell you how to get into camp but won’t join you and meet again in the chapel. Little John won’t fit through either so will see you again in Nottingham pub. [Note: If you don’t approach this location from the south, John and Tuck will stay with you and enter the cave as well. This can lead to problems further in the game]. Walk NW  to find the entrance to the outlaw camp. Go N to reach the open patch in the woods. You don’t need the disguise anymore so DROP HABIT.

When you walk N again, it’ll become dark because of the entrance of the cave. LIGHT TORCH to see where you’re going and walk N into the cave. Walk N again to reach a turn, then walk W twice through a passage into a chamber in the cave. Walk N to find a ragged map. GET MAP and READ MAP to find an outlay of Nottingham town and castle. You can take the map with you if you wish, otherwise memorize the locations and DROP MAP.

Walk N again to find Will Scarlet. He won’t join you. There’s a bow as well but since you don’t have arrows and you can get better equipment later, we’ll leave it and do with the oak staff for now. Walk W to find another map and a key. GET KEY. Also GET MAP and READ MAP. It’s a layout of the Sherwood area and tells you where to find the drawbridge to enter town.

You can memorize this so DROP MAP. Walk S to find Alan A’dale. He’ll join the party as well. Walk SE and then E twice to return to the turn in the cave. Walk S twice to reach the open patch again. Since you can see again and need the torch later EXTINGUISH TORCH. Go S to the entrance of the cave, then W through the small tunnel. Go SW into the forest.

Walk SE twice to reach the turn in the road, then S twice to reach the drawbridge. There are guards present who won’t let you pass. Attack the guards with ATTACK GUARDS WITH OAK STAFF. This does the most damage (4 points against 1). Repeat this action 5 times (with G)  to take 20 points from the guards. When there’s 1 point left, ATTACK GUARDS WITH SWORD to set their score to -1. [Note: I think a bug but when you keep attacking the guards with the oak staff until they reach -3, there will immediately be replacement guards which you can’t beat]. Walk S to reach the north town gate and enter the village. Walk W three times and you’ll be in the north alley.

To the south is a warehouse but the door is locked. Good thing you have a key. UNLOCK DOOR WITH KEY and DROP KEY. [Note: All locked doors have their own key so if you drop the keys in front of their respective doors you can’t get confused and you won’t carry too much.] Go S into the warehouse to notice it’s very dark. LIGHT TORCH and you’ll see more.  Walk S to the south end of the warehouse and notice some racks with bottles. EXAMINE BOTTLES to find two empty ones, a dark one and a clear one. GET ALL to get both bottles.

Walk N twice to leave the warehouse and EXTINGUISH TORCH. Once outside EXAMINE CLEAR FLASK to discover a key inside. EXAMINE DARK FLASK to find something inside as well but you don’t know yet what. Walk E 8 times to reach the merchants shop. GET LEATHER ARMOR and WEAR ARMOR.  A lot of weapons to find here but there’s even better stuff! At the back of the shop there’s a door but it’s locked. BREAK CLEAR FLASK to get the key out and then GET KEY to get the shiny key.

UNLOCK DOOR WITH SHINY KEY. Once opened, DROP KEY. Walk E to go to the back of the shop but it’s very dark. LIGHT TORCH to find an array of useful weapons. You can discard a lot of your own weapons so DROP SMALL SWORD and DROP SMALL SHIELD.  Now GET LONG SWORD and GET LANCE. That’s enough to carry around. Walk W to the front of the shop and EXTINGUISH TORCH.

Walk W seven times, S twice and SW to enter the alley in front of the pub then S to go inside. No sign of John here. Walk S again to discover that John is here but also an annoying bully who won’t let you leave. ATTACK BULLY WITH SWORD to let him stumble and fall. While you’re here, EXAMINE BARTENDER to learn that the brewer has a secret escape route. Walk N twice to leave the pub, then SE and E.

The liquor shop is on the right but the door is locked. BREAK DARK FLASK to get the contents and GET KEY to get the small key. UNLOCK DOOR WITH SMALL KEY and DROP KEYE to enter the brewer’s shop. EXAMINE MANAGER and he’ll tell you about the cistern cover. So this is your way out.

Leave the shop W and go N twice. SE, followed by S, then SE again to find the gypsy shop. There’s several weapons here but nothing you can really use. There’s also a folding screen. MOVE SCREEN to reveal a door behind it and you end up in a store room. Walk N to the other part of the room and find a ladder. Climb U to find yourself in the middle of the kitchen. But it’s very dark.

LIGHT TORCH and walk S twice to the south end of the kitchen. Walk to the E twice to the middle of the dining room. There are a lot of noblemen and -women. EXAMINE NOBLEMAN and when asked which one select the WELL-INFORMED NOBLEMAN. So that’s how the keys are divided. You need to get to the sheriff first. But where to find him?

EXAMINE NOBLEWOMAN and when asked choose the BORED NOBLEWOMAN. She can tell you where to find the sheriff and how to get there. Walk W twice and then N four times. You’re now in the guard room so extra care is essential.  To save you some light, EXTINGUISH TORCH. Go U until you’ve reached the top, then go D again. Repeat until you’ve come across the sheriff. If you stumble upon the guards there’s no way other way then to restore. You can’t beat them.

Once you’ve found the sheriff, you need to attack him. When you attack with the lance, you won’t loose points and the sheriff looses 2 (provided you’re wearing the green leathers). But the sheriff starts with 50 so you have to repeat this 25 time. And the sheriff isn’t that patient. So there’s no other way than to loose a few points yourself. ATTACK SHERIFF WITH SWORD. You’ll both loose 4 points each attack but you need to get rid of the sheriff’s points. Keep repeating this attack until you have a bit over 20 points (about 6 times G). You need this much to use the lance. Finally ATTACK SHERIFF WITH LANCE. You won’t lose points but the sheriff will, so repeat about another 10 times (G). The sheriff is dead!

EXAMINE DEAD SHERIFF to discover the keyring, then GET KEYS. Quickly go D until you’re in the dark again. It’s a shame to waste valuable light so you can very well travel in the dark back the way you came, as the noblewoman told you. Go S twice to the middle of the kitchen, then D to the store room where you can see again.

Walk S to the other part of the store room, then E into the castle courtyard. Now quickly SW into the stairway landing. Before you go any further you need to get your strength back. HEAL ME WITH HEALING STAFF repeated several times (with G) should bring you back to about 50 points. Walk N. It’s dark again. LIGHT TORCH then walk N. Go E twice, twice N and twice E again. You’re now standing in front of a locked door. EXAMINE KEYRING to see what keys you have.  To open the door, UNLOCK DOOR WITH SILVER KEY. Whatever you do, do not drop this keyring, it’s your protection for the wall guards outside.   Walk S into the room. There’s the jailer.

To take quickly a few points from the jailer, ATTACK JAILER WITH SWORD. You’ll lose some as well but the jailer has far less. Repeat the action 5 more times with G and the jailer is dead. [Note: during the fight you’ll see messages about the sheriff instead of the jailer. Minor bug but purely cosmetic. You’re fighting the jailer]. GET LAMP that’s on the floor, then LIGHT LAMP. Now you can DROP TORCH since it won’t last much longer.

EXAMINE JAILER to find the small keyring under his shirt. GET KEYS. Before you leave, HEAL ME WITH HEALING STAFF until you’ve got enough strength again. Walk N to leave the cell, then W twice to return to the intersection, then go N three times to the next intersection. You’ll probably find some dungeon guards here as well.

ATTACK GUARDS WITH SWORD will have the most effect and repeat (G) six times until they are dead. Again before you continue, HEAL ME WITH HEALING STAFF until you’re fit again. Walk N twice to the next intersection and probably more guards. Again, ATTACK GUARDS WITH SWORD is the most efficient way, repeated (G) seven times. Now that they’re gone, there’s a door north of you. But it’s locked.

You’re carrying the keyring so UNLOCK DOOR WITH RUSTED KEY. You’ve finally found Lady Marion! Now you need to get out of the castle in one piece. Go S three times to find more guards. You know the drill: ATTACK GUARDS WITH SWORD and repeat (G) until they’re dead. Walk S five times, W twice and S twice to return to the stairway. You might come across some wandering guards but they won’t bother you.

Once in the stairway, EXTINGUISH LAMP because you need it later. Then again, as you might run into trouble later, HEAL ME WITH HEALING STAFF and repeat (G) until you are fit again. Walk E into the guard room where you find some guards but since you’ve got the large keyring, they won’t bother you. Walk E once more and then N five times to reach East Street. Alas, more guards, Tax guards this time.

Defeat the guards with ATTACK GUARDS WITH SWORD and repeat (G) until none is left. Walk N again then W twice to hide in an alley. Go SW over town square and NW into a back alley. W once and S twice to reach the entrance of the brewers shop.  Enter the brewery by going E. As explained by the brewer, MOVE COVER and you’ll end up in the moat.

Walk NE to reach the edge of the moat, then N four times to reach the entrance of the rock formation. Go NW to find the entrance of the outlaw camp and N to the open patch. Walk N into the cave entrance where it will get dark again. LIGHT LAMP and Walk N and W into the north-west passage.

You brought Marion to safety!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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