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We’ll provide you with a new link or host the file ourselves for
three days so you can experience the game.


~airwave~ – I Fought the Law, and the Law One
1 Day a mosquito
1213 Episode 1
1213 Episode 2
1213 Episode 3
24 Hours
4 of Clubs
5 Days a Stranger
5 o’Clock Lock
6 Day Assassin
6 Days a Sacrifice
7 Days a Skeptic
7th Sense, The
Aaron’s Epic Journey
Abducted: 10 Minutes!!!
Ace Duswell: Where’s the Ace?
Ace Quest Adventunare
Ache Quest
Achtung Franz: Quest For Wine
Adventure: The Inside Job
Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment
Adventures of Fatman, The
Adventures of Josh and Dyan, the
Adventures of PQT
Adventures Of Turquoise Mcdonald, the
After a Shadow
Agency: Part one The Conspiracy, the
Agent Bee
AGS Tech Support
Aida’s Strange Christmas
Al Lowe Game
Al Lowe’s Secret Island
Al Quest 1
Alan Saves Christmas
Alien Attack
Alien Carniage
Alien Rape Escape
Alien Threat
Alien Time Zone
Alien’s Work Is Never Done, An
Alles Euro
Alone in the Night
Alpha Dog
Alpha X – Project: SMASH
Amazing Adventures of Lucy Lavender, the
Amazing Doctor Maze, the
Annie Android: Automated Affection
Another Medieval Themed Adventure Game
Another Way Out
Anthony’s Essay
Anticipating Murder
Apocolypse : VEL
Appointment with Death
Apprentice 1 Deluxe
Apprentice II: The Knight’s Move
Ardent Fever
Armageddon Margaret
Asap Adventure
Astonishing Captain Skull, the
Astranded (Astro-Stranded)
Aswin’s Dream
Awakening – Part 1: Escape
Awesome Quest 1
Bad Bunker
Bad Luck
Baltazar the Familiar
Bar, the
Barn Dilemma
Barn Runner 0: The Case of the Runaway Robot
Barn Runner 1: The Armageddon Eclair
Barn Runner 4: The Prick Who Came In From The Cold
Barn Runner 5: Forever Friday Chapter 1
Barn Runner 5: Forever Friday Part II
Barn Runner 5: Forever Friday Part III
Barn Runner Xmas 2: Wreck The Halls
Barry Snotter and The Meaning of Life
Bart’s Quest For TV
Basement, the
Beauties And Beasts
Beer Quest
Before the Dark Crystal
Below Zero
Belusebius Arrival
Ben Jordan: Case 1 – In Search of the Skunk-Ape
Ben Jordan: Case 1 Deluxe – In Search of the Skunk-Ape
Ben Jordan: Case 2 – The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea
Ben Jordan: Case 2 Deluxe – The Lost Galleon of the Sa
Ben Jordan: Case 3 – The Sorceress of Smailholm
Ben Jordan: Case 4 – Horror at Number 50
Ben Jordan: Case 5 – Land of the Rising Dead
Ben Jordan: Case 6 – Scourge of the Sea People
Ben Jordan: Case 7 – The Cardinal Sins
Ben There, Dan That
Bert – The Newsreader
Bert – The Super Demon Slayer Guy
Bestowers of Eternity
Beyond Reality
Beyond Terror
Beyond the door
Beyond the horizon
Bics Christmas Tale
Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Pigs, the
Biggles on Mars

Billy B. Star and the Lapaset Travel Quest
Billy Bob’s Wild Night
Billy Boy’s Important Wine Lottery
Biwa of Blood
Black Cauldron Remake, the
Blades of Passion
Bluecup on the Run
Bob Escapes
Bob Goes Home
Bob Goes Home Deluxe
Bob Smith and the Unsolved Case of Mystery
Bog’s Adventure in Easy3D
Bog’s Adventures in the Underworld
Boiler Room Blues
Book of Spells 1, the
Book of Spells 2, the
Book of Spells 3, the
Book of Spells 4, the
Book Unfinished, the
Bovine Byproduct
Bowser Quirk Quest
Brad Bradson in: Key Quest
Britney’s Escape
Broken Brain, the
Buna Wants Beer
Bunker, the
Butcher Stanys
Butcher Stanys II: Stanys meets Marylin Manson
Buttercup’s Gone Missing
Cabbage Quest: Quest for Knowledge
Caleb’s Drunken Adventure
Calsoon 2
Captain Disaster
Carver Island 1: The Secret of Carver Island
Carver Island 2: Mrs. Rodriguez’s Revenge
Casablanca: The Day After
Cayanne Pepper
Cedric and the Revolution
Cell, the
Celtic Chaos 1: Cold Mead
Celtic Chaos 2: Fisherman’s Fiends
Chalk’s Quest
Charlie Foxtrot & The Galaxy of Tomorrow
Chasing Robot
Cheerful Science
Chez Apa
Chick Chaser
Chicken VS. Road
Christmas 4 2
Christmas Blunder, A
Christmas Quest: The Best Adventure Game Ever
Christmas Quest 2: the Yuletide Flows in
Christmas Quest 3: Santa’s Little Hel…
Chronicles of Captain Cringe
Chronicles of Max and Maggie, the
Cirque De Zale
Class Notes
Clip goes to town
Cold Meat
Colin Simpson Leaves Employment
Colorless Sylph, the
Comrade Citizen
Confessions Of A Cat Burglar
Conspiracy of Songo
Constance the Barbarian
COP the Game
Cosmos Quest I: To Find a Sun
Cosmos Quest II: To Find a Sun
Cosmos Quest III: The Mines of Isagor
Cougar’s Quest for Freedom
Coup de Cup
Coyote: 1 – The Mexican
Crackwell Legacy, the
Crackwell 2: Unhinged
Craft Of Evil
Crime Time
Crown Of Gold, the
Crystal Quest
CSI Hunt 1
Cube, the
Cup of Coffee is Worth a Thousand Bathroom Breaks, a
Cure for the Common Cold, A
Curse of Life
Da New Guys
Dada Christmas Special: Stagnation in Red & White
Dada: Stagnation In Blue
Dale’s Film Quest
Dance Til’ You Drop!
Dante’s Day
Dark of Night
Dark Room
Dark Sects
Dave Generic
Day In The Future, A
Day John Saved Christmas, the
Day of Darkness
Day Of The Fish
Day Of The Testicle
Day with Michael, A
Dead In Space

Dead Pixels
Dead Room
Dead Silence
Dead Star
Death Episode 01: The Scythe Of Unlimited Power
Death’s Door
Deat(h)’s quest
Death and Transfiguration
Death of an Angel
Death Wore Endless Feathers
Deed, the
Demo Game
Demon Day
Demonslayer 2: Demon Slayer vs The Vegetable Vampires
Demonslayer 3: Hotel and Alley
Demonslayer 4
Demonslayer 5
Devil?s Shroud Part 1
Devil’s Shroud Part 2
Devil’s Shroud Part 3
Devil’s Shroud Part 4
DG: the search of the batteries
Dnepre the Suicide Commando
Dnepre the Suicide Commando 2
Dog Escape
Dog Kennel, the
Domain, the
Don Spillacy’s Conspiracy Quest
Don the Dweeb: Dance Dilemma
Don’t Worry Baby
Donnie Darko: The adventure game
DooM – a Very Graphic Adventure
Dovadula’s Burn
Dr. Lutz and the Time Travel Machine
Dr. Moby: Meal Adventure
Dr. Zoo
Draft Drifter Who Dashed Doctor Dunno, the
Dragon Slayers
Dragon Tales
Dread Mac Farlane
Dread Mac Farlane 2: The Crocodile of Time
Dream within A Dream, the
Dreams of Armageddon
Drunk Fred in the Cell
Duke Stanley: National Hero IN The 30 Minute War
Dusk Hunters
Duty and Beyond
Duzz Quest: An Egotistic Adventure
Duzz Quest 2:
Dwarven Dagger of Blitz, the
Earl Bobby is looking for his Balls
Earl Bobby is looking for his shoes
Earl Mansin: The Breakout
Earwig is Angry!
Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee
Elegant Murder Mystery, the
Elevator, The
Elf Motors Inc.
ELFO:Rescue Craby
Elimination by Improvisation
Emerald Eyes
Emily Enough: Imprisoned
Empty Mind Blank Fate
Encounter Of The Closest Kind
Enviro kids 2
Epic Adventures of Barry, the
Equilibrium – Out of Time
Eric The Anteater
Erk: Adventures in Stone Age Real Estate
Ernie’s Big Adventure
Ernie’s Big Adventure II: Ernie Saves Mittens
Escape From a Small Room 1: The walls are closing in
Escape From Evergreen Forest
Escape From Lurrilous
Escape from the garage
Escape from the Salem Moons
Escape fom the chaotic city
Escape From The Zombie City
Escape the ship
Escape to Civilization
ESPER: The Town on the Edge of Darkness
Eternally Us
Ever-beginning tale, the
Evil Bert
Evil Enterprises
Ex Machina
Experiment 1: The Laboratory
Eye of the Jade Sphinx