Ultimate Game Solutions


Welcome to the Ultimate Game Solutions.

This is a database with walkthroughs for all adventure games. Instead of just copying walkthroughs from others (often with errors), the ones on Ultimate Game Solutions are checked! So I played the game, tested the game and made the walkthroughs myself. Whenever possible the publisher gets a notification with the errors I found in the game (see it as Gamma-tester) and the link to the walkthrough. If you’ve made a game and want me to notify you earlier, contact me to be Beta-tester.

The screenshots you see are the screenshots of the games I played! If applicable, links to the sources are provided. That is a link to the pages where you can find the game (product site from the publisher) or more info about the game (how to get it). So there are no direct-downloads from this site and I also don’t host any games. But if you can’t find one you can always contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you.


A 15 year anniversary. So far 1252 solutions have been posted. Not as many anymore as I’d like but there’s so much else to do as well. It appears that the Amanita Design games (Samorost, Botanicula & Macinarium) are still popular, followed by Safecracker.


I’m working through my collection of games, creating the walkthroughs as I go along but it’s slow going. I revisited Edge of Reality which I started 5 years ago, then put aside because of the difficulty. Recently I decided to finally finish it and with success. Another one under the belt!

As always, if there’s a puzzle or game you can’t solve, just send me an email and I’ll try to work it out.

Happy adventuring.