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All games on this page marked with should be
downloadable. If a link doesn’t work please notify us.
We’ll provide you with a new link or host the file ourselves for
three days so you can experience the game.

Fad of Devil’s Hash
Fading Shades
Faketrix, the
Fallen Angel
Family Treasure, the
Farm, the
Fasmo 2: Fasmo goes west
Feuersturm: Zuruck In Die Welt
Feuersturm 2: Der unheimliche Zug
Feuersturm 3: Wo der Walt beginnt?
Find, the
Flower Girl
Floyd SB the Company Man
Flux World
Fortress of Wonders
Frank Stallone – The Driver
Frank the Farmhand Part 1: Big Escape
Frank the Farmhand Part 2: The secret of Guija
Friend Indeed, A : The Adventures of JP & Cosmo
Frog Island
Fulkramick’s Dreamting Interactive
Fynewrylst Memories: The Secret of the Golden River
G. P.’s Lost Adventure
Gaea Fallen
Galaxy Quest: The Arkainian Artifact
Garfield: Attack of the mutant lasagna
Gay Greg Is Grounded
Genbu’s Favour
Geometric Shapes 1 – Circleboy
Gerald Ratcliff I
A G-G-Ghost!!
Ghost Voyage
Glitch Quest
Good Morning Mister Gingerbread
Good Santa, Bad Santa
Goontang Chackalaka
Gorthor of the Cave People
Granny Zombiekiller in Mittens Murder Mystery
Great Casserole Caper, the
Great Stroke Off!, The
Greg’s Monumental Adventure
Grr! Bearly Sane
Gunshot in Room 37, A
Gunther Abstrauer
Guy Slug: Private Eye
Guyver Quest I: Sho Adventures
Guyver Quest II: Cronos
Halloween 2.0
Halloween Horror
Hallway of Adventures
Hamlet, the
Hampster Game
Hansen Halloween
Happy Duckie Adventure
Hard Space
Harry’s 21st Birthday
Harrys Strange Day
Haunted House, the
Head Over Heels
Heart of Abraxas
Heartland Deluxe
Heist, the
Hello Taxi
HELP! the game
Henk Stroem in Lost In Cellar
Henkka Mini Quest
Hero Of Infamous Kingdoms
He’s Gone Historical
Hidden Treasure: Ryan’s Fortune
Highly Hip Hendrix
Hit the Freak
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: Towel Day
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: Remake
Hop Garden, the
Hotel Hansen 2.0
Hotel Hijinks
House Quest
House Quest 2
House That Ate My Soul, the
How Many?
How They Found Silence
Hugo’s House of Horrors Remake
Hunt for Goldbeard, the
Hunt For Shaun Binda, the
Hunt For Shaun Binda Deluxe, the
I Want Candy
I’m Not Crazy, Right – The Cell
I’m Not Crazy, Right – The Well
In Limbo
Indiana Jones – Coming of Age
Indiana Jones and The Secret Chamber Of Schloss Brunwal
Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Spheres
Infantry Division 1338
Infection 1: The Ship
Infection – Episode 2 – The Demo
Infinite Monkeys
Infinity String
Inside Monkey Island
Inside Monkey Island 2
Inside Monkey Island 3
Inspector Gismoe
Into The Light

Invincible Island Remake
Island, the
Island Quest
Isle Quest
ISN: Kill!
Iso Project, the
It might eat you!
Jack Trasheater Chapter I – pain house
Jacob: VA’s Cut
Jailhouse Breakdown
James Bond – Who wants to live again?
James in Neverland
James Peris es el agente 00,5
Java Jo’s Koffee Stand!
Jessica Plunkenstein and the Dssseldorf Conspiracy
Jimmy’s Day
Jimmy The Troublemaker
Jimson and the Jazz Crabs
Jingle Bells
John Lost His Key
Johnny Lost His Key
Johnny Rocket Adventure
Journey Down: Over the Edge
Journey Home, the: Part 1
Just Another Point n Click Adventure
Keptosh I: The Search for junc
Kill Rem vol. 1(fixed bugs)
King Of Rock
King’s Quest I VGA
King’s Quest I 4.0
King’s Quest II+ VGA
King’s Quest II 3.0
King’s Quest III
King’s Quest III Redux
Knight Quest for the Golden Ring
Knight’s Pursuit I, A
Knight’s Quest III – Tides of Merania
Knight’s Quest IV – Here Today, Gone Yesterday
Kong Over Baghdad
Koffee Krisis – Episode I
Korins Mines
La Croix Pan
Lab Rat Escape
Lamb to the slaughter
Lance the Penguin
Larry Vales : Traffic Division
Larry Vales II: Dead Girls are Easy
Larrywilco: Paradise Lost
Lassi Quest 1 Original
Last Clown Standing
Last Harvest, the
Last Order
Laundry Day
Laura Bow in: The Road to Murder
Lava Blava
LazyTown: The New Kid
Legend of Seth the Bard, the
Legends Of Mardaram
Leisure Suit Larry 2
Les Miserables
LGM Game
Lichdom – Where Did I Put That?
Lif and the Treasure of the Tanones
Life of D. Duck
Life of D. Duck 2
Lifeboat: Story of Cedrick
Lifeboat: Story of Cedrick: The Direc…
Lightning Master
Limey Lizard, Waste Wizard
Lions Den, the
Little Girl in Underland
Little Jonny Evil
Living Nightmare
Living Nightmare Deluxe
Living Nightmare: Endless Dreams
Loathesome Man, the
Locked In
Locked Out
Locke’s Escape
Loftus And The Sky Cap
Lone Case 1: Locomotive Breath
Lone Case 2: Scars
Lone Case 3: Showdown
Lonely Night
Long expected Friday
Long Trip, the
Lorry Len
Lorry Loader
Los Jovenes De La Guerra
Lost In The Nightmare v1.1
Lost in the Nightmare: ‘Save Our Souls’
Lost In The Woods
Lost Tape, the
Lowe Quest
LucasManiac !
Luke’s Existential Nightmare
Maaikes Elektrokit
Mad Homicidal Clown From Hell Rampage!
Magic Stone, A
Magical Whatever Girl Rocks Out In The Stone Age
Magsic II
Man Boy vs Doctor Sock
Man vs. Fish
Maniac Apartment
Maniac Mansion Deluxe
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 01: Sibling Love
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 02: Commotion
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 04: Mimikry Der Emotionen

Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 08: The Rebuff
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 09: Radioactive
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 15: Place Machine
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 16: Return of the meteorit
Maniac Mansion Mania Episode 61: Bernard’s Room
Mard’s Personal Little Revenge
Marty aus dem All
Masters of Sound
Matt To The Future
Max’s Parade
McCarthy Chronicles: Episode 1
McReed Case, the
Me Go 2008
Me Go Away
Me Go Cannibal Jungle
Me Go Store!
Medical Theories of Dr. Kur, the
Melrin 1: The Disciple Ordeal
Melrin 2: The Pendant Quest
Melrin 3: The Dragon Menace
Men In Brown
Men In Hats: Attack of the Evangelists
Merry Christmas, Alfred Robbins
Mickey Mauser: the Wrath of the Rat
Mikes Room
Mind’s Eye
Minor Minion
Missing since Midnight
Mom’s Quest
Mon Cul!
Monkey Island: Carnival of the Damned
Monkey Island 2: Illusion
Monkey Plank
Monster from the hounted hill
Moose Rage: Part 1
Moose Rage Part 2
Mordy: On Holiday
Mordy 2: The Mirror of Truth
More Monkeys
Mourir en Mer
Mr. Dangers Contest
Mr Frisby Saves Xhristmas
Mr. Grey’s Greyt Adventure
Murran Chronicles: The Jersey Devil
Murran Chronicles 2: Talons Of Terror
Murder in a Wheel
Murder in the Mansion
Murphy’s Salvage 01: Just My Luck
Mushroom Man, the
MuuYeeb the Ghost
My First Quest
Mystery of Hackenslash Island, the
Mystery of Haunted Hollow, the
Mystery of Stiego Moors
Necroquest 1: The Inheritence
Necroquest 1: The Inheritence Deluxe
Nedy’s Adventure – 1st Part
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!
Netherworld, the
New Adventures of Billie the Kid
New Adventures of Zak McKracken / Zak McKracken 2
Next Curse, the
Nick it & Run!!!
Night of the Hermit
Night Of The Plumber
Night of the Zombie Fish!
Night to remember, A
No-Action Jackson
Noisy Mountain
Nomedon Inc.
Norbi Winter Special
Norbi’s Quest
Norbi’s quest 1.5
Norbi’s quest 2
Norman Cooks in ‘Search for the Don’
North Crown, The
Nosferatu: The Game
Not Another Space Quest
Odot Tamat On
Of birds and bees
Old Park Quest
Once Upon A Crime
Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time in the 70s
One Room
One Week, One Room
Oracle, the
Orange Man
Otaku Rivals
Other Worlds
Otis Builds a fire
Owl’s Quest: Every Owl has it’s Day