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All games on this page marked with should be
downloadable. If a link doesn’t work please notify us.
We’ll provide you with a new link or host the file ourselves for
three days so you can experience the game.

Paparazzi Prince, the
Paramecium Complex, the
Park, the
Parrot Snatchers, the
Paul Quest Gold Edition
Paul Moose in Space World
Paula in Wonderland
Pepe’s Little Adventure
Perils Of Poom
Permanent Daylight
Pharmacist Jones
Philip Ilinilings and the Murder at The Fish Hotel
Phoenix 1
P.I. Al Luminum – Haunted House
Pickel Sprite
Pigeon, the
Pilot Light: Episode 1
Pimpin on Parakuss
Pinky the Silly Alien
Pirate Fry and Volcano Island
Pirate Fry 2: The Hand of Anturus
Pirate Fry 3: The Isle of the Dead
Pirates of Monkey Island of the Caribbean
Pirate’s Tale, A
Pixel Hunt
PiXiA: Rainbow of Havoc
Pizza Quest
Place without Frontiers, a
Planet Xmas
Pleurghburg: Dark Ages
PocketFluff Yay!
Princess and all the Kingdom, the
Princess Marian
Princess Marian II: Mothers Day
Princess Marian IV: The Dark Cave
Princess Marian V: Alba the Explorer
Princess Marian VI: Fountain of Unicorns
Princess Marian VII: C.U.T.E.
Princess Marian IX: The Phantom of the Ballet
Princess Marian X: The Magic Hat
Princess Marian XI: Light re-leaf
Principles of Evil I
Principles of Evil II
Professor Neely and the Death Ray of Doom
Project Evilspy
Project Evilspy II: The War Driver
Project Xenophobe
Proof of Fiction
Psychic Sam And the Postal Service of Doom
Psycho Flashback
Puddy Penguin
Pussy Hunt
Quest for Cinema
Quest for Colours
Quest for Glory 2: Trial By Fire
Quest for Glory 4 1/2
Quest for the Black Diamond
Quest for the Blue Cup
Quest for the holy salsa
Quest for Yeti
Quest for Yrolg
Quest To Zooloo, the
Quiero Morir (I want to die)
Quikstrike89’s Stupid Test Game
Quimby Quest
Raindog Story, a
Ralph the Raven
Raven Chapter 1
Ray and the Guitar
Ray Bexter
Ray’s Rods
Razors In The Night
Reactor 09
Re-Agent Orange
Recess 2
Recess talkie
Record Quest
Red Flagg
Red Flagg Redux
Red Beard Saves RON
Redpants: The Princess and the Beanstalk
Redpants meets Robinson Clauseau
Retards Game, the
Return to Civilization
Revenge in Parelly Point
Revenge of the Nagging Sister, the
Rich Phycho
Rich Phycho 2: Cruisin
Richard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time
Righteous City 1: A new charge
Righteous City 2: The investigation begins
Roast Mother Goose
Rob Blanc I – Better Days of a Defender Of the Universe
Rob Blanc II – Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence
Rob Blanc III – The Temporal Terrorists
Rob: The Massacre of Chainsawness
Robbing the Princess
Robert Redford Deluxe
Robert Redford Saves The Day 1: Getting there
Robert Redford Saves The Day 2: The pit and the pendulu
Robert Redford Saves The Day 3: Who framed Roger Redfor
Robotragedy 2: Countdown To Doomsday
Roccio’s Quest
Rock Burgers & Tree Houses
Rock Rock Rock
Rockabilly Kid
Rocky Roams
Rode Kill: A Day in the Life

Rode Quest
Rode Quest 2: The Sweet Smell of Stenchie
Rowen Goes To Work
Rude Awakening!
Saddson Issein
Salasar’s Evil Plan
Sam the Pirate Monkey
Sammy Sperm
Sammy’s Quest
Santas Sidekick
Santa’s Stolen Sleigh
Satan Quest
Satch’s Quest
Saturday School
Saw Remake
Saw 2
Scared Stiff
Scythe Island
Search For The Christmas Present, the
Season Greetings 2002
Second Face, A
Second Moon Adventure 1: Night
Second Moon Adventure 2: White moon or Red moon
Second Moon Adventure 3: Rest in peace
Second Moon Adventure 4: Abendmond
Second Moon Adventure 5: Next evolution
Second Moon Adventure 6: Mysterious Timetravel
Second Moon Adventure 7: Ocean Life
Second Moon Adventure 8: Ungewisse herkunft
Second Moon Adventure 9: Zwei welten in einer
Second Moon Adventure 10: Walder hier und dort
Second Moon Adventure 11: Jahrtausend wende
Secret of Chunky Salsa, the
Secret of Hamster Island
Secret of Hutton Church of England Grammar School, the
Secrets Of sultan Kanuni
Secrets of Sultan Kanuni 2
Seven Doors, the
Sheet: The art of art
Shemwood Plains
Shifters Box: Outside In
Shoot, I got abducted
Shoot My Valentine
Sierra Quest 1: Roberta In Love
Silent Knight – Chapter 1: The Mediocre Escape
Silent Knight – Chapter 2: The Conscience of the King
Sir Reginald: The Tear of the God
Skippy Saves The Day
Slacker Quest
Sleepy Island, the
Slime Quest for Pizza
Slug Princess
Smileys Quest
Smileys Quest 2
Smokin’ Weed
Snakes of Avalon
Snow Queen
Soviet Unterz”gersdorf
Soviet Unterz”gersdorf 2
Souls Quest
Space Adventure
Space Adventurer
Space Lynxes
Space Pirates
Space Mail
Space Quest: Planet Of The Incredible Menace
Space Quest IV,5: Roger Wilco And The Voyage Home
Spacewar Part 1: The crystal
Spacewar Part 2: Curien strikes back
Spellbound: A Clive Mandrake Adventure
Stan Ames, Private Eye: Murder Incorporated
Stan’s Revenge
Star Trek Explorer – Strange New World
Star Trek Newton – Anomaly
Star Trek The Next Generation
Stargate Adventure
Starship Caramba
Starship Poseidon
Stediddy in IP1: Employment
Stick Man Quest
Stickmen in the land of the terrorists!
Sticky The Stickfigure 1: The Crimson House
Story Of The Alien That Crashed, The
Strange Planet, the
Stranger By Night
Studio Mediocre
Sundown Mystery, the
Supergirl in We Don’t Need Another Hero
Sven Gordan: In Search Of Big Apes
Sydney Finds Employment
Sydney Treads The Catwalk

T-Rex and Muscle Sam: Big trouble in S.P.F
Tale in The Zoo, A
Tale of Betrayal, A
Tale of Two Kingdoms, A
Tale of Roland
Tales of Chickenry
TechnoBabylon Part 1: The prisoner of fate
TechnoBabylon Part 2
TechnoBabylon Part 3
Tempus Fugit
Tenhum’s Tomb – Part 1
Text Parser Game
Think Outside The Boxland
This Game
This Odd Feeling
Thorak & Steve 1: The hunt begins
Timeline: The Iraqi Paradox
Timothy Lande
Tiny Green Piece of Crap
To The End Of The Way
Tom Hanks Away: Wilson’s Revenge
Tomate Un Descanso
Tomb Of The Moon
Tower, the
Trap, the – A Darcy Muldoon Adventure
Trapped In A Building
Trapped With Hell
Treasure of Monkey Peninsula, the
Treasured Medaillon
Trevor Daison in outer space – Chapter one
Trial of the Schnellersparrow
Trials of Odysseus Kent, the
Trilby’s Notes
Tropic of Capricorn
Tulle’s World I, Roving in Candale
Tulle’s World III: The Glorious Realm of Thendor
TV Quest
Two of a Kind
Ugly Files, the
Ultimerr XXII
Uncertainty Machine, the
Unexpected Quest
Unfinished Business
Unfinished Tales
Unintelligent Design
Unlabeled Video, the
Update Quest
Vacation Quest… Thing
Vacuum, the
Van K. Airbreak
Verschwundene Husky, der
Very Special Dog, A
Veteran shootout
Vic Wreckle’s Halloween Costume
Von Ludwig
Voodoo Dave & the Tablecloth Mystery
Wacky World of Wally Weasel, the
Walk In The Park, A
Walter’s Astroid
War Stars
Warp, the
Washed Ashore
Washed Ashore Deluxe
Water Quest
WD Intern, the
Well, well, well. What have we here
West Of The Root
What is that thing
What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eye Are Closed
Wheel of Torture
Where did Sam go?
Where’s M’ Hat Ma ?
Which Witch?
Who killed Bambi
Who killed Kenny Rogers?
Who Sent Me To Oblivion
Who wants to live forever?
Wife who wasn’t there, the
William Asted And The Rise Of The Sciuridae
William’s Nightmare
Winter Rose, the
Winners Don’t Do Drugs
Witch Night
Witch, the Wizard and the Blue Cup, the
Wizard Hangover ExtreamZz!!
Woman for all season, A
Wooly Rockbottom and the Quest for th…
World of Warcraft – The IMBA Quest
Wrath of the Solonoids
Wrong Game, the
Xmas Eve Tale, A
You must be this tall
You’re 9 Minutes Late
Young Gabriel King Chronicles, the
Zank, Robot Boy Wonder
Zed’s Quest
Zipper Meteor, The
Zombie Nation