In order to solve the Original Rubik’s Cube (3×3) you only need to know 4 “formula’s”. With these 4 you can solve the complete cube. It’s not the fastest way, it’s the easiest way to remember. This solution assumes you can do 1 layer yourself and keep this as the ‘bottom’ layer. From here, you can solve the cube in 4 stages.

The notation shows the letter of the side:

R = Right
L= Left
T = Top
U = Bottom
B = Back
F = Front

Whenever there’s a minus (-) after the letter, you rotate counter clockwise, in any other case rotate clockwise.

The center row.

R T R- T- F- T- F

This will transport the top middle left to the front middle right, where the color on the left side will become the color on the front. So  position the part that you need on the top left and execute the formula.

If the part that you need in that position is of the right colors but the colors seem to be rotated,  there are two ways to proceed: either execute the function three times – one to put in in the right position but the colors reversed, second to remove it and replace it with another random piece and third to put the, now correctly positioned, piece back into place.

A second method, slightly quicker, is to rotate the top layer once clockwise, putting the wanted part in the top middle back, then execute the formula. Your wanted part will now be rotated so from here put the wanted part on the top middle left  and repeat the formula.

Repeat this for all 4 middle parts until the second layer is complete.

The top row – center pieces.

R T B T- B- R- T-

Try to position the center pieces on the correct sides. Do not worry about the colors, it’s first the location. If you can only match one color on the correct side, keep it on the left side and then execute the formula. The formula will swap the top middle right and the top middle front. If after this exercise there are still two sides not correct, make them the front and right color and repeat the above.

It’s possible that the top color is now on the side and the side color is on the top. If it’s the case with all four, start with one side and execute the formula twice. This will not move the parts from their location but rotate them on the spot, positioning the right color on the right side. Rotate the whole cube 180° and repeat the formula twice on the other side. Remember: the formula will affect the top middle front and top middle right.

If there are only three that need to rotate or if the parts are opposite, put the one that’s already in correct on the left and execute the formula twice. Rotate the cube 90° clockwise and repeat the formula twice with the two remaining pieces.

The top row – corner pieces (location).

L- T R T- L T R- T-

Find one corner piece that’s in the right location and keep it on the front right. Then execute the formula until all corners are in the right location. If it happens to be that no corner has the right location to start with, execute the formula anyway and see if one comes up in the right location. If so, make it the front right and repeat from here.

The top row – corner pieces (color).

R U R- U- R U R- U- T U R U- R- U R U- R – T-

In this case, you’re going to rotate the top back left and top back right corner pieces, where, if done right, the color of the top layer will be on the left and right. Execute the formula to rotate the cubes into the right position. If needed, repeat.

Game source: The original Rubik’s Cube was found here on the internet.

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