There’s been a power cut and you need to find a way to keep cool in this heatwave.

Playing as Dai:

Try to open the door on the right to realize it won’t open since there’s no power. Use the suggested intercom to hear that you’re probably stuck for some time.

Get the TOWEL from the rail on the left. Take the WAKIZASHI from the desk and use it to open the panel under the taps. Put the towel against the dripping pipe to make it wet and then use the wet towel on your face to cool off. You’ll take a seat and get some rest.

You wake up when the chair collapses. Use the broken chair to get the CHAIR LEG. Time to get inventive. Look at the window control. It would operate if it had some power. Look at the intercom. It has it’s own power supply. Maybe you can combine the two?

Use the chair leg on the intercom to break it open and expose the wires. Do the same with the control panel of the window controls. Both panels now have their wires exposed. You need to connect the wires but you can’t do that with your bare hands. Take the VR GLOVES from the bed and use them on the window control panel to take the wires. Put the glove and wires on the intercom panel to connect it and your window will open.

But your bodysuit is preventing you from climbing out so double click on yourself to take the suit off. Use the window to climb out.  You’ll meet Nell and the ice truck that broke down. Walk over to the driver and try to talk to him. Not much of a chance. Nell will do this.

Playing as Nell:

Talk to the fat guy  and exchange names (first option). That talks easier. Talk about the game (third option) and leave the conversation (fourth option). Walk over to the truck driver and talk to him. Offer him to look at the truck. Look at the truck engine to look under the hood but it all looks like abracadabra to you. Leave the truck and talk to the truck driver again. Ask him if your friend, who is a mechanic, can look at the engine. He can. Talk to Dai and switch characters (second option).

Playing as Dai:

Look at the engine and look at the radiator cap. It seems pretty hot there. Use the wet towel to remove the radiator cap and discover that the water level is very low. You’ll leave the engine and report to the truck driver. He’ll show a bit more respect now.  Talk to Nell and switch characters (second option).

Playing as Nell:

Look at the engine and take the water bottle from your inventory. Use it on the green area just in front of you to refill the radiator. You’ll get a popsicle each. You’ll have a conversation with Dai and then the power is being restored. Time to get back to gaming.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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