You need to get out of the cave.

You can use your powers on the stone but your powers aren’t strong enough. Pick up the ROPE from the wall and take the NAIL out of the wall. On the left is a STICK. Pick it up and in your inventory tie the rope to the stick. Add the nail to the string and use the fishing rod on the water to catch a FISH.

Take the POT and fill the pot with WATER. Put the pot back on the wood. Next to the big stone are two small STONES. Take them and use them on the pot to start the fire. Put the fish in the pot and use the pot again to take the COOKED FISH out. Use the cooked fish on yourself and with the new inner strength you can remove the big boulder blocking the entrance. Walk to the right to leave the cave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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