During a testflight you suddenly hear a noise in the next room.

Walk to the left and find Dr. Fuchs on the ground. Talk to the man and he’ll tell you you must prevent the boiler from exploding. He tells you where to find that. Just below him, a bit to the left is a WRENCH. Pick it up and use the ladder against the back wall to climb to the upper level. Use the wrench on the flow regulator on the tank on the left to normalize the pressure. Also take the left of the regulator with a BLUEPRINT with part of the maintenance instructions.

Use the ladder at the bottom left to go downstairs again and talk to Dr. Fuchs again to tell him you closed the valves. Then you’ll move the doctor to his bunk. On the wall above the top bed is a POSTCARD. Pick it up and look under the bed to find another BLUEPRINT. On the barrels on the left is a swiss CHEESE, a KNIFE and some GOOSE FAT. Give the goose fat to the doctor and eat the cheese yourself.

Walk back to the left and look around the boiler. There’s a crack in it and steam coming out. There’s a toolkit next to it which you can’t reach because of the steam. Walk to the right and find two other BLUEPRINTS on the back wall. Better take them. A bit to the right you can see a barrel with some red AMMUNITION. Pick it up as well. Under there you can find a pair of PLIERS. Left of the barrel is the hub for the controls. Use the hub to take a closer look and use it again to find a WELDING TORCH. Leave the hub.


In the lower right corner you can find the tabulator. On top you can find a piece of RESIN. Use the tabulator to find a piece of PUNCHCARD stuck in the machine but you can take it out. On the barrels on the left you can find a FLAREGUN but there’s no ammo with it. Walk back to the left and use the goose fat on the furnace to soften it and use the soft fat on the crack in the boiler to stop the steam. Now you can look at the toolkit and get a PENCIL and a leather PUNCH out.

Walk back to the room on the right and look at the tabulator. In your inventory, combine the postcard and the piece of punchcard to create a bigger piece. Use the pencil on the combination to set the marks and use the leather punch to cut holes in the card. Use the makeshift punchcard on the tabulator to reset the enginges and set course to mainland again.

When you hit the water, the tabulator is damaged again. Look at the telescope on deck and see a brass tube at the end. With the use of the pliers you can take the TUBE off. Below the telescope is a piece of MAGNESIUM. Take it andin your inventory use the welding torch on the tube to seal one side of it. Use the pliers also with the ammunition to take the BLACK POWDER out and put the black powder in the tube. Put the magnesium on top of the tube to seal it and have your ammo. Put the ammo in the flare gun to load it and walk to the right to go to the crows nest.

Use the knife on the rigging at the left side of the blimp to cut it loose but then you decide to get the doctor up first. Once the doctor is up in the crows nest and you look around you can see some dim light. Time to fire the flare so use the flare gun on the clouds to fire it. Time to go home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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