When you think you can get some rest, there’s something wrong with the ship and you need to report to your duty station on deck 8.

Walk through the door on the left and in the hallway walk all the way to the left to the elevator. There’s someone stuck in there. Talk to the man and he’ll ask you to get him out. Use the door on the right to return to your quarters and use the control panel next to the storage cupboard to open it. Take your TOOLKIT out and when you look at the toolkit, you’ll find a TRICORDER and a SPANNER.

Walk to the left back to the hallway and use the spanner on the gray maintenance panel to open it. Look in the unit to find the power conduit has been ruptured. Use the black panel to switch off the power and use the spanner on the conduit again to fix it. When you turn the power on, the lift is fixed and D’Brell is free again. But he’s in need of water.

Use the door on the right to go back to your quarters and use the replicator controls  in the back to replicate some water and take the glass of WATER from the terminal.  Walk back to the left to the hallway and give the water to D’Brell. You agree to find an alternative way to the bridge. Walk to the right and climb the ladder on the right in the hallway to reach deck 4.

Lieutenant Solomon is sitting on the floor. Use the tricorder on him to find out that he has some neural trauma. Shake the lieutenant twice to wake him up and after a short conversation he passes out again. Walk through the door on his left to enter sickbay. There’s no doctor so it’s up to you again.

Use the medical computer to find the treatment for neural trauma: anthrexin and neuramol. Now you must find that. Use panel next to the supply cabinet to open it. From the bottom shelf you can take a BLUE VIAL, a PURPLE VIAL and a RED VIAL. Only the blue one has a label which says Anthrexin. Now only the neuramol. Use the tricorder on the nameless coloured vials to get no result. Use the computer again but also to no avail.

Walk north through the door back to the corridor and use the ladder on the left to return to level 5. Walk through the door on the right to the recreation room. You can see something drop and hear someone shouting from the equipment room on the right but you can’t open the door. Look at the books on the shelf on the left. There’s a medical book as well.  Take the first aid kit to find a YELLOW VIAL inside, together with a HYPOSPRAY. Use the medicin book on the shelf to find out that the yellow vial must be the neuramol. Leave the room on the left and use the ladder to return to level 4.

Walk north into the sickbay again and use the blue vial on the mixing station. Put the yellow vial on it as well and when the computer has done its work, you have a hypospray with treatment. Walk north and use the hypospray on the lieutenant. He’s feeling better and leaves to the sickbay. Follow him and talk to him twice. Tell him what you saw in the recreation room and he’ll tell you to meet him there.

Walk north and use the ladder on the left to descend to level 5. Walk through the door on the right to enter the recreation room and find that the lieutenant can open the door to the locker room. The lieutenant leaves but you can take the PERSONAL COMMUNICATOR that dropped on the floor. So that was what you heard. Use the communicator on yourself to hear a faint mumbling.

Leave the recreation room on the left and outside use the communicator again to see that the reception improves a bit. Climb the ladder on the right, walk north into sickbay and to the other side of the corridor on the left. There’s a forcefield active so you can’t pass and the control panel is on the other side. Use the communicator again to find Alice and on the other side of the force field. She’ll disable it.

She tried to get to the bridge and had no luck so it’s up to you again. Walk further to the right to find the emergency access. Look at the master systems display to the right of it to see there’s a lot wrong with the ship. Use the master system panel to open the emergency access hatch.

Crawl through the hatch to the other side and find that the turbo lift has jammed. Climb the ladder all the way up to the top and when you’re at level 3, some parts come falling down. Climb further up and at the door look at the blue conduits connected to the door. Above the door is a broken yellow conduit. That must be a solution. Climb all the way down again and at the bottom pick up the yellow BAR that fell down. Go through the access hatch again and walk to the left back to Alice.Talk to her and she’ll help you.

Walk to the access hatch and give the spanner to Alice. Use the hatch again and climb the ladder all the way up again.  Wedge the yellow bar between the door and you can proceed your way through.There’s no one on the bridge. You’ll use the communication system to talk to the lieutenant again and he’ll instruct you to reset the power system.

Use the engineering station on the right to reset the power distribution and then use the communication station next to the door to talk to the lieutenant again. You’ll assemble on the bridge so you need to get Alice. Walk to the right to use the lift and return to deck 4 to pick up Alice. And just as you want to enter the lift to go to the bridge again….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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