Playing as Gromit:

You need to get back some parts of the infiniflavor!

Walk to the left in front of the truck and look at the dog chewing the rear tire. Try to comfort the dog but he’s to scared. Walk back to the right and take the PLUSH BUNNY from the floor. Walk back to the left to the shaking dog and give the plush bunny to comfort the dog.

Walk further to the left and engage with the dog holding the crank. While you do, Wallace will start the infiniflavor and the dog will faint, releasing the CRANK. Use the crank on the infiniflavor but as soon as you do, it get’s nicked again. Seeing the objects next to the dog, you realize that he likes golden objects.

Inspect the infiniflavor so it starts again and again the dog faints, releasing the crank. Pick up the CRANK again and walk to  the table on the left. On it is a bucket with blue paint. Use the crank with the paint to paint it blue. Now it’s not interesting anymore to steal. Walk back to the truck on the right and use the blue crank with the infiniflavor, this time to keep it there.

Now you need the lever. Walk to the right and go up the stairs. Walk to the right and at the front door take the POOCH MAGAZINE from the mat. Use the front door to leave the house and find the lever, including Digger half buried in the garden of the neighbor. Assist the neighbor and she’ll ask you to get that Digger out of the garden. Remember what was on the front page of the magazine? Break the habit with a treat. So you must find Digger a treat.

Walk to the right and exit through the gate. Keep walking to the right until you reach the bus stop. Major Crum is eating biscuits. Talk to the man and learn about the pie eating contest where there’s only one contestant. Reach for the biscuits and the Major Crum will prevent it. Walk to the right into town and talk to Mr. Paneer who’s doing the windows. He’ll tell you about the fundraiser.

Walk to the right to reach the fountain. Read the sign of the fund raising event next to it and you’ll take the SIGN UP FORM with you. Walk to the right and give the sign up form to the lady, Edwina, outside the news agent. After some hesitation, she’ll eventually will sigh up. Walk to the left, past Mr. Paneer’s until you reach the Major Crum at the bus stop again. Give him the form and he’ll stop eating the biscuits to prepare for the contest. Take the BISCUITS from the bench and go back to the garden on the left.

Use the gate to enter and assist Felicity again to take a good look at Digger. Drop a biscuit to the patch right of the tulips, not in the hole. Digger will come out and you can take the LEVER. Use the front door of the house to go inside and walk south to the door to the cellar. Use the door to go down the stairs and use the lever on the infiniflavor to put it back together again.

Walk around the fair until you find Mr. Paneer at the gumball count. He’s holding a piece of the flier with more alarming text.  Assess the gumball jar. How many would there be? Walk to the right, slightly south, and further to the right back into town. You’ll hear someone screaming and throwing bird seeds out of the window. Walk to the right and pick up the SEEDS.

Walk a bit back to the left and look at the trash bin in front of the inn. There’s an almost empty bag of gumballs. Quickly count the amount left. And there were 300 gumballs originally. So you now know how many there are in the jar.Walk a bit left and north past the balloons back to the fair. Assist Mr. Paneer and then make a guess on the counter. Enter the number you’ve calculated earlier and then pull the lever to make a guess.

Mr. Paneer wins the prize… well… sort of. He drops the FLIER so you can pick it up and Mr. Muzzle will give you a GUMBALL. Walk to the left until you reach Muzzmerelda’s fortune telling tent. The man outside is also holding a piece of flier. Help the man getting the last line of his poem for Felicity.

Walk to the left until you can see the chicken behind the machine and then you can walk behind the machine.  You’ll see the drums that make the words in the cookie. Maybe you can help Duncan. Change the top drum to make the line ‘your hair’. Change the middle one to ‘could be mistaken for’ and the bottom one to ‘pirates gold’. There you have the perfect ending for his poem.

He drops the FLIER he was reading from so you can take it. Another piece of the message. Walk to the right and go up the steps of the podium next to the baking contest. On the stand you can see the fourth piece of the flier. Mr. Muzzle will stop you and tell you that only he and the master of ceremony can get on stage. The master of ceremony will be the winner of the pie baking contest. So you must win that contest.

Look at the pies. According to Mr. Muzzle they are disgusting. So you must come up with your own entry. Walk to the right and look at the Life of Muzzle machine on the left: My Happy Childhood. You now know his favorite food. Walk all the way to the right, back into town and then to the left, past Mr. Paneer’s shop straight into your kitchen. On the worktop is a box with recipes. Use the box to see the recipes and select the POTATO PIE.

Use the door on the left to leave the house and in the street walk to the right. Go north under the banner, back to the fair. Walk left back to the pie contest and give the potato pie to Mr. Muzzle. He’s not quite satisfied with the entry so you take the pie back. Walk to the other end of the fair, next to Muzzmerelda, to the Will It Fry stand. Use the potato pie with the frier to get a fried potato pie.

Walk to the right, to the other side of Mezzmerelda and see if you’re smarter than a chicken. Play the game with a chance to win a goldfish. The chicken will start. First put some bird seed on the position you want the chicken to choose next, then make your own move. Keep repeating this until you’ve won the GOLDFISH.

Go one stall to the right and use the goldfish on the infiniflavor to create goldfish ICE CREAM. Go to the right once more and give the fried potato pie to Mr. Muzzle again. It’s still not quite right but he’s holding on to your entry until you come up with the right addition. Since he liked fish and chips, he now only needs the fish so put the fish flavored ice cream on the pie. And of course you’ll become the master of ceremonies.

Walk up the steps onto the stage and take the last piece of FLIER from the stand. Mr. Muzzle will give you the STARTER GUN. After the contest is on the way, you’ll have a good look at it. The dogs are inside the Muzzler. So when you put away the notification, you’ll take a look and get caught by Mr. Muzzle. So that’s his plan. Now that you’re locked in, you need to get out again.

Pick up the cup to rattle it on the bars. Mr. Muzzle will enter and show the golden key, which sets Filcher’s alarm bells. Use the starter gun on Filcher to let him faint and use the cup to rattle the cage again. Mr. Muzzle will come in again, open the cage and Filcher will jump on him, taking the golden key unnoticed.

Use the starter gun again on Filcher to let him faint and then pick up the KEY. Use the key on the door to unlock it and get out. But now you need to disable the chicken-alarm. Use the ladder to climb up the Muzzler and walk on the platform to see the chicken. Use the bird seeds on the chicken to keep him busy and then climb down the ladder again. Now that you can get out, you need to free Twitch.

Go to the cage and look on the right. There’s a can with GREASE. Pick it up and walk to the left side of the cage where you can see the chicken. Under the chicken is a toolbox. Take the SPANNER from it. Take a FORTUNE COOKIE from the bag next to the toolbox. Go further to the left and see some floorboards removed, left of the front door. Look at the patch and use the spanner on it. Digger sees it as a bone and starts digging.

Walk to the cage with Twitch still inside and give him a fortune cookie. Digger will smell it and surface inside the cage making a tunnel for Twitch to escape. Take another FORTUNE COOKIE and use it on the patch to call Digger back up. As soon as he drops the SPANNER, pick it up. Walk over to the other side and climb the ladder to the platform again.

Walk across and climb the ladder on the other side as well. Use the spanner on the air vent to take off the bolt. After opening the vent, it might be just big enough to push Twitch through but he’s stuck half way. Use the grease on Twitch to push him through the vent again. This time with success! Twitch warns Wallace.

Playing as Wallace:

You need to shut down the fair. Walk to Mezzmerelda’s Fortune Tent and use the machine three times to get three different FORTUNES. Walk to the right to the pie eating contest. Mrs. Gabberly gives you a NOTE to give to Mr. Paneer. Climb the stage and give the ‘Duty’ fortune paper to Mr. Paneer. That will get the police officer back to his duty and from the fair. Give the ‘Hair’ fortune to Mr. Paneer and Felicity and Duncan will leave the fair. Give the ‘Mold’ fortune to Mr. Paneer to insult Mrs. Gabberly and then give her note to Mr. Paneer.

Walk down the steps and see a pile of empty pie tins under the table. Pick up the TINS and put them on the table. The Major surrenders and Mrs. Gabberly is the winner. Walk to the left to the Muzzler to follow the Major. But he’s to heavy to go on the ride. Walk to the right and go into town. Take a free BALLOON from the holder and walk to the right back to the fair. Use the balloon with the major and this time he can ride the Muzzler.

Letting go of the balloon makes the Muzzler break down, releasing the dogs. Mr. Muzzle takes off in his balloon with the money, three chickens and Twitch. In your chase you need to slow down the balloon.

Playing as Gromit:

Use the roof of the truck to climb through. Put the gumball in the churning tank and use the roof again to go back inside. Look closer at the dashboard of the truck and push the ‘churn’ button. Then pull the ‘scoop’ lever and the sticky gumball ice cream will be served.

Climb up the roof again and take the CRANK from the churn. Go back inside and use the crank on the lead line tire attached to the side of the truck. This will bring you closer to the balloon. While Twitch is trying to take the chest with money, Mr. Muzzle tries to prevent it. Use the bird seeds on Mr. Muzzle and the chickens will obstruct him. Look closer at the dashboard of the truck and use the ‘serve’ button to extend the serve arm, taking Twitch from the balloon.But it doesn’t go as planned.

While falling down, grab a PACK OF MONEY from the air. Mr. Muzzle isn’t happy. Take the extending ARM from the air and use the arm to grab the BAG OF MONEY out of the air. Put the bag of money on the giant propeller on the left and Mr. Muzzle will let go of the helium tank. Take the HELIUM TANK and you’ll move closer to Wallace. Use the helium tank on the inflatable mustache to make it to a safe landing.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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