There’s a message for you.

Walk to the left and use the message tube to find a message from the professor. He wants you to meet him. Walk to the right to leave the house and go to the right to the train station. Talk to the irritating official behind the desk and ask him for a TICKET. He’s not too friendly but will give it to you anyway. You can talk so more but the man is not very friendly.

Walk to the right and the train will arrive. Use the train and go to Phoenix Street. Use the speaking tube on the left to ask the professor to let you in. Use the elevator to go upstairs and talk to the professor. He’ll tell you about the machine and the mayor’s daughter. You must get the page on Dorian Road.

On the table is a SCREWDRIVER. Take it and use the elevator to go down and to the station on the right. Use the train to go to Dorian Road. Use the speaking tube to talk to Veronica. She’s trapped up there and you need to get inside. Take the ROPE from the door. In the street is a loose brick. Use the screwdriver on the fourth from the right, fifth from the bottom to pry the BRICK out.

Tie the rope to the basket and use the brick on the basket as weight to throw the rope. Use the combination to throw the rope and use the contraption next to it to make a lift. Use the basket again to tie it to the contraption and use the contraption to use the basket finally as elevator. Use the basket to go up. You’re inside!

Veronica will give you a PAGE that you need to give to the professor and leave her address. Walk to the left and use the train to go to Phoenix Street. Use the elevator on the left to reach the professor and give him the page. He needs to write you some instructions but doesn’t have a pen. You can’t reach the one on top of the bookcase.

Walk to the right and use the elevator to go down to the station. Use the train to go to Veronica on Cord Street. At Veronica’s take the UMBRELLA, the BLUNDERBUSS and the RAY GUN. Use the escape route (door) and go to Cable Street. You can’t take the inkstand because the irritating official won’t let you. Use the umbrella on him and he’s gone. Take the INKSTAND and use the train to travel to Phoenix Street.

Use the elevator on the left and give the inkstand to the professor. He’ll write you a NOTE with instructions. Look at the instruction in your inventory. Now you need to get Amilia and go to the library. Use the elevator and walk to the station on the right. Use the train to travel to Cable Street. Walk all the way to the left to reach your home.

Walk left into the house and talk to Amelia. Give her the blunderbuss. You’ll travel directly to the library. Use the door to enter the library. Use the shelves on the right to take some BOOKS of no importance. Next to the shelf on the left is a hidden trapdoor. Use the trapdoor to find the machine the professor was talking about.

Take the PETROL CAN from the floor on the right and use the door to return to the library. Use the door again to go outside and fill the petrol can on the car with PETROL. Use the door to enter the library again and use the trapdoor to return to the machine. Use the petrol on the slot on the left. Use the books on the fuel container next to it. Use the switch next to that and… the machine comes to life.

The machine will greet with a different name. Use the harpsichord on the right to question him about that. The computer is now in doubt and Mayor Casper will appear. Ask him if he knows what the machine is about. Then what the computer thinks of this. The computer will speak his mind and then tell the mayor it’s a complex machine. The computer will tell you he has forgotten his name, but of course you know it’s name. Tell him the name you read earlier in the note from the professor.

You’ll end up in jail.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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