Just returning from a gig you pass the studio where you meet Wendy outside. Talk to her and she’ll tell you about the audition. Ask her for some gum but she hasn’t anymore so flirt a bit with her and you’ll end up kissing her, getting her GUM (3%).

Now that you know about the audition, you want to get inside but then you have to put some cash in the meter. You don’t have enough money. Use the car to get a COIN out (6%). Use the gum on the coin (9%) and use the guitar pick on the coin and gum (12%). Now you have something as thick as a real coin. Use the ‘money’ on the parking meter and you’re safe for now (22%). Enter the studio.

Use the stage door straigt ahead and talk to Dave sitting on the couch. Tell him you want to rock and you want to do audition. He’ll ask you to plug in and play and so you will. Dave is not impressed and asks you to take some lessons with Sandy and Jeff and find a plectrum. You leave through the door on the left.

In the hall on the table is a TUNING FORK. Although your guitar is tuned, pick it up (25%). Go through the door on the right into the Technical Room and listen to Jeff playing some riffs. Talk to Jeff and he’ll give you some lessons in funky guitar (29%). Ask him for a guitar pick. He doesn’t have one left, except for the very special one he keeps apart. You can have it if you can find his sheet of music he lost.

On the table is a BOTTLE. Pick it up (32%). Look in the trashcan and take the HANDKERCHIEF out (37%). Leave the room and walk across the hall to the Theory Room on the right. It’s where Sandy teaches in ear training. Talk to Sandy and tell her you love the music theory. When she asks you if you’re ready, tell her you are and she’ll play you an interval of which you should be able to tell her which one it is.  First she’ll play the combination, then the first, then the second note. Tell her the interval four times and your lesson is done (42%). Don’t be affraid if you don’t get them right, it’s the lesson that counts. Walk over to the wastebin and take a piece of PAPER out (47%). It’s an unreadable sheet of music.

It’s probably the one Jeff lost but this one is unreadable. So to make it readable again, use the tuning fork on the focet above the basin (54%). Then use the faucet to let the water running. Use the bottle you carry on the water (57%) and wet the handkerchief on the bottle (60%). Use the wet handkerchief on the piece of paper and it’s perfectly readable (70%).  Leave the  theory room and walk back to the technical room on the other side again and give the paper to Jeff (80%). You’ll get his GUITAR PICK.

Leave the technical room and enter the stage anteroom again. Talk to Dave again and he’ll ask you to play again. Use your guitar on the Marshall Amp and play a funky riff (90%). Since you’re the only one auditioning you can go straight in. Use the door on the right to enter the studio and meet Van K. You can call him Francesco. Talk to him and when he ask you to jam along, use your guitar on the Marshall stack and play (100%).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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