Your father complains about the vanishing of the art of theft. You’ll bet him you can steal the cup from the museum and have it before breakfast the next morning.

On the ground is some BUBBLE GUM. Pick it up, you never know when you need it. Walk to the left of the gate and find the LOOSE IRON RAIL. Take it as well and use it on the crack in the frame to the right of the door. Climb through the window.

The guard is sleeping but you must get him out of his booth because you must pass that area. Use your pocket knife on the cable hanging from the lamp. Then pick up the CABLE. Use the cable on the suit of armor so there will be a shocking effect once you touch it. Pick up the mop on the other side of the door, actually unscrew it and take the MOP HANDLE.

Use the mop handle on the gauntlet of the armor to touch it off. The guard will notice this. You’ll quickly hide in the dark part of the closet and when the guard wants to put the gauntlet back on the armor, he’s in for a shock. That’ll take care of the guard.

The second challenge is the security camera. You can’t pass it just like that. Use your army knife on the rope attached to the post outside the closet. Pick up the POST and walk to the right. In the booth of the guard is a POLAROID CAMERA. Pick it up and use it to take a picture of the area covered by the security camera.

Use the bubble gum on the mop handle. Use the picture you took on the mop handle to stick it to the gum. Put the post in front of the security camera and use the mop handle with picture on the post so it covers the camera’s view. Now you can enter the museum without any trouble.

There’s your new cup but it’s behind glass. On the left is a display case and when you use your army knife on the lock in front of the display case, you can use the case to open the top panel and take the RARE DIAMOND out. Use the diamond on the cup cover and you can cut a hole in the glass. The CUP is yours.

Collect your earnings from your father. He’ll have your next challenge.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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