You’ve got to find a way to make money to record a demo. Look around in the studio and play with the instruments. You can take the rollerscates and go to the beach if you like but you certainly should pick up the BROWN BOTTLE of laxative. Leave the studio on the south.

Cross the street and enter the Media Station. Behind the desk is the receptionist. Talk to her and ask about the studions and what she’s doing there. Then ask about the balloons. On the desk is a bag of empty ones so take an EMPTY BALLOON. On the desk are also some papers. Use them to shove them off the desk and while she’s picking them up again, use the laxative on her cup.

The receptionist is upset and makes you leave. Enter the building again, just in time to see her leave. Use the balloon on yourself to fill it with air. Use the balloon again to store it in your pants. Walk over to the guard at Studio A, where the porn movie is made. Talk to the guard and convince him you’re an actor named Long John. He won’t be so hel’ll go back to sleep. Talk to him again and tell him about your pants. Now you can enter.

On the table is a copy of your DEMO RECORD. Pick it up and leave the studio again. You’ve seen enough here. Walk to the right and push the button on the wall next to the door of Studio C. There’s a radio station and just as you enter they are about to play a new demo from the top of the pile. Use your record and put it on top of the record already there.

The DJ is happy with the sound and wants a record deal. Better hurry back to your place.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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