Your mission is to find food, make a shelter and a fire.

You’re on the island. Next to you is a FedEx box. Take the box and find one SKATE in it (1/1). Walk over the beach to the left. Another FedEx box. Open this one to get a HEAD BAND (1/2). Walk to the north and follow to the right. Again a FedEx box. This one contains a VOLLEYBALL. Walk further to the right.

There’s a cave. In front of the cave is a STICK. Take it (1/3).  Walk inside the cave and discover a fire pit and water. That’s a good place to stay. Leave the cave again and walk to the left.  Another part of the beach where you find a piece of SHRUBBERY (1/4).

Follow the path to the north. On the open spot you see some huge LEAVES. Take them (1/5). And again another FedEx box. This one contains a BLUE CUP (1/6). Walk further to the left. At the pier you see a tree with a coconut in it. You can’t just take it, it’s too high. Use the stick you found earlier to hit the COCONUT and it’ll fall down for you to take (3/9).

Walk back to the cave (south, right, right) and enter the cave. Time to make a fire. Use the skate on the stick to cut a little groove. Use the shrubbery with the stick so it stays in the groove. Use the burning stick (a large match) with the fireplace to make a fire (4/13). You put the blood with the volleyball on thr ground. Use the blue cup on the water to get something to drink (2/15). Use the leaves in the corner to make a nice bed. Use the bed to go to sleep.

The next day:

The volleyball wakes you and see you as his slave. You must find three stones to make a throne. Leave the cave and find the snake.. eh.. ROPE. Pick it up (1/16) and walk to the left. There’s the first ROCK (1/17). Go to the north and discover a huge LOG (1/18). On the rock are GRAPES (1/19). Take these as well.  Walk to the left and find a COIN (1/20). There’s also another ROCK (1/21).  Walk to the south and to the right. Turn left to find another LOG on the beach (1/22) . Walk to the left and find another COIN (1/23). Walk to the north and there’s another COIN (1/24) and ROCK (1/25). Again to the right and there’s a FAN (1/26). Walk right again and you’re back at the cave.

Enter the cave and start giving the rocks to the volleyball. But watch which one you give first. First you should give the rock for the base. Then the rock for the arms of the throne and finally the rock for the back of the chair.

The next wish of the ball is some grapes and a fan. Give these as well. Then finally three coins. Good thing you took these already. Give them to the ball. But beware again, the coins are dated. Give the oldest coin first. Then the second oldest, the the youngest.

Tell the ball that you’re the only two on the island. The ball wants to send a message but needs a bottle for it. You must swim to the other island and get the bottle. Leave the cave and walk to the north. Then go to the left twice and from here walk into the sea and swim south. Then swim to the north and there’s the island.

Take the BOTTLE (1/27) from the island and walk into the water again. Go south twice and you’re at the beach again. Walk to the right twice and you’re back at the cave. Enter and give the bottle to the ball.

Now that he’s written his message, you need to throw the thing back again. Leave the cave and go to the north. The twice to the left. Enter the sea again and swim south first, then north to the island. Use the bottle with the sea to post the message.

Two times to the south and two times to the right and you’re back at the cave. Enter it and talk to the volleball again. When the ball tells to wait for the letter, you bring up the raft. Give the two logs to the ball and the rope. Then you’ll set sail… so to speak.

Talk to the ball and when he’s done talking pick up the BALL (2/29) and use it on the sea.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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