You need to get out of here… you have only 45 seconds before the bomb goes off! (Really!). Within that time you should:

Pick up the KNIFE behind you. Use the knife to open the box and take the CROWBAR out. Use the crowbar on the sewer lid. Oh well… wasn’t that hard was it..?

We’re in the sewer now. You can see a STICK floating in the water. Take the stick and use it to get the PAPER out of the water. It’s a map. Look at it on your inventory (right click). You now can get out of here.

You get your new mission: build a toilet with clay, pipes and a wrench. Then you need to enter the toilet factory. The back of the map is the map of a larger area.

Walk to the left of the toilet factory into the alley. Look at the dumpster. It’s locked. But you’ve got a crowbar. Use it on the dumpster to open it and find some PIPES and a WRENCH. We’re half way now. Leave the alley (the map won’t work here) and in front of the factory look at the map. Select the beach of pollution from it.

Use the water to get a lump of CLAY out. Look at the boat to find a FISHING POLE. In your inventory, right clock on the fishing pole to remove the pole since you don’t have any use for it. Right click on the map and select the factory again.

Now you have all items you needed so you must get into the factory. But the door is closed. Use the crowbar on the window to smash it. It’s still blocked. Use the fishing line on the broken window to remove the plank behind it. You can now enter and create your toilet.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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