You have to save three kittens. First trying to find them. Walk to the right and look at the dog. Wow, that’s fast. We found the first pussy but how do we get that out of the dog? At least take the BALL. Go through the door to the living room. There’s a large mousehole. Seems big enough to let a pussy through. Look at the hole and hear the second one. But you just can’t reach her. Walk to the right and look at the chair. Feel the chair and find a roll of DUCT TAPE under the seat. Walk to the left and go through the door.

In the kitchen is a can of PILLS. Reading the label says: hairball removers, may cause vomitting. Now who would we like to vomit?  Look in the cabinet under the sink and find the VACUUM CLEANER. Take it and leave the kitchen again to the south.

In the living room use the vacuum cleaner on the mouse hole. Let’s suck that pussie out. Use the vacuum cleaner again to get the animal out of the cleaner. At least number one is safe. Walk to the south. Use the pills on the dog who starts vomitting and out comes number two. Pick her up.

Walk all the way to the left, to the two holes. Look at the left one. There’s the third kitty! But if we want to use the compressor, we need to close one hole. Use the red ball on the right hole. Then use red button of the compressor on the other and there’s the third one.

Walk to the right to where the basket is. Put one kitty in the basket. It won’t stay there. So we have to tape them down.

[NOTE: Due to a bug, it’s pretty difficult to tape the kittens]

In the inventory, use the tape on the kittens and then the tape on itself. Nothing happens. Close the inventory, open it again and repeat the sequence: kittens with tape.

Put the kittens back in the basket.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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