Turn a bit left and walk forward into the elevator.

Turn around and push the blue button with the arrow pointing down. Walk forward into the office. Turn to the left and walk towards the plants. Turn right and look at the body under the window. It’s Dr. Nishina. She’s unconcious. Take her ID CARD.

Turn to the left and walk towards the computers. Turn to the right and find a dead body hanging over the desk. It’s Dr. Norton. Take his ID CARD as well. On the desk is a sample kit with SYRINGE. Use the syringe on Dr. Norton to take a BLOOD SAMPLE. Turn to the right and walk towards the orange hatch with a ladder leading down. Use the ladder to go to the lower level. Turn left and walk into the corridor. Walk to the first door on the right. It’s the toilet.

Enter the toilet and turn left. There’s a dead man in the shower. Use the body to find it’s Dr. Elimu. He doesn’t have a badge. Use the syringe on him to get a BLOOD SAMPLE.  Turn to the right and use the green towels next to the sink to get his ID CARD. Turn further to the right and use the door to leave the WC.

Turn right and walk two doors further. Turn right to see it’s Montreaux’. Enter the room and turn left. She’s dead on her bed. Use the body to take her ID CARD and use the syringe to get a BLOOD SAMPLE. Turn left and use the door to leave the room. Turn to the right and walk to the next door.

Turn right and enter Dr. Nortons room. Turn left and look under the bed to find a briefcase. Looking closer you need a code to open it. Turn left towards the door and leave the room. Turn right and walk down the corridor to the ladder. Use the ladder to go upstairs again.

To the right of the ladder is a screen. Take a closer look to see that comm is offline. Push the comm-line and then you’re asked to swipe an ID card. Use Dr. Montreaux’ card on the screen and the comm will return ok. Click ‘Display Off’ to leave the screen. Turn left and walk towards the computer screens. Use a screen and use each ID badge to log on. Each user has a log book and some video’s. Read the log to learn about the virus that killed all.  Dr. Nishina has an orbit calculator.  Dr. Montreaux’ account has been removed. Using Dr. Norton’s ID tells you that there are some files recovered. Look at the backup files to see someone got blown into space. If only you could find that person.

Note the time shown on log0027.bak. Log into the computer using Nishina’s ID and start the orbit calculator. Enter 10:00: 59 as time to calculate the location you have to return to. It’s 61-14-87. Leave the computer and turn around. Step forward into the elevator, turn around and push the button to go upstairs. Step forward and look on the left. Take the SUIT to put it on.

Step forward twice into the airlock to get into space. Enter the correct coordinates on the suit and press the green GO button. It will take you to the body. Press the green GO button again to return home with the body. Go forward into the airlock again and you’re safe aboard again. Turn left and use the hooks on the wall again to remove your suit. Turn right to the body and search for an ID CARD. It’s Mr. Quickstone. Use the syringe on him to get a BLOOD SAMPLE.

Turn around and step into the elevator. Use it to go to the level below. Walk forward to the computer screens and use one with the ID card of Mr. Quickstone. Look at the log file and at the end you can read the code of Norton’s briefcase: 44162.

Turn around and use the ladder on the left to go one level down. Turn left and walk into the corridor. The fourth door on the right is Norton’s bunk. Enter the room and use the briefcase next to the bed. Enter the correct code to unlock the briefcase. Use the briefcase to find Norton’s second ID CARD. He’s not who he said he was! Look at the document in the briefcase to learn about his secret mission.

Leave the room, turn left and walk back to the ladder. Climb it to return upstairs. Turn to the right and walk into the lab. Use the monitor and use the red ID card with the screen. Read the log files to learn about the antivirus. Leave the computer and use all five bloodsamples you’ve collected on the analyser on the right of the screen. Then return to the screen, log in with the red ID card again and start the BChem Application.

You need to solve all incomplete bonds (red lines). Since this is a random puzzle, a straight solution can’t be given. What can be noticed is that the red and green cells mainly exist on the outside and the blue cells focus in the center. Once the antivirus is completed, a serum will be generated. Leave the computer and use the synthesizer on the left of the screen to pick up the ANTIVIRAL SERUM.

There’s only one survivor so turn around and walk over to the window on the other side. Underneath is Dr. Nishina. Use the serum on her to save her.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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