It’s your birthday and you want to give a party.

Walk to the right to cross Barnaby Lane and enter the restaurant. Talk to Chef Lucca about making a reservation and you can but he’d like to see some money up front. Look at the candle on the table left of the chef to find a WALLET underneath. Walk to the right to leave the restaurant and look at the poster left of the door. It has something to do with 1000th customer and big prize.

Walk to the left and talk to Baron Wolfgang outside the theatre. Give the wallet to him, it’s his, and you’ll get a bar of SOAP in return. Use the door left of the theatre and look at the number on the wall. 996. So you need to get three people to the store, then you can be number 1000. Talk to Elandra and look at the shelves in front of the store. Look at the middle one in the group of three light red ones. It’s no liquor, it’s a bottle of OIL. It is dehydrated though.

Leave the shop and walk further to the left. Outside the lock shop is Vicks holding a raffle. Talk to him and ask for a ticket. Give him the small change from your inventory and pick a number between 1 and 10. Whatever you pick, the prize is a MANNEQUIN. Walk to the south and talk to Max Griff. He’s loading bottles into his car. So if we can make him get some new ones…


Use the soap on the yellow line in the parking lot on the right. Max will slip, fall and go to the store for new ones. He’s customer 997. Walk to the left and enter the bank. Talk to McPegLeg. He’d love to go to the store for lunchtime but Mrs. Stringstein won’t let him. Since she’s asleep you can trick her. Give the mannequin to McPegLeg and when he says the doll doesn’t look like him, use you camera on McPegLeg to take a PICTURE and give him the picture. He can now leave. He’s customer 998.

Leave the bank and cross the street to the south. Walk to the right and enter the restaurant. Use the bottle of oil on the fish bowl to moisten the oil. Leave the restaurant again and walk to the south. In the park you’ll meet Dr. Dee Vie Ess. Talk to him. He has an experiment and of course you volunteer. But you have to show him a pteridophyta to show him you’re smart enough. Oh well.

Walk to the right to cross the street, then to the left and visit the store again. On the right is a fern. Use the camera on the fern to take it’s PICTURE and leave the shop again. Walk to the south and look at the car wreck. The trunk should be able to open but is stuck. Use the oil on the trunk and inside you’ll find a WALKMAN. Walk to the left, then south to return to the park.

Give the picture of the fern to Dr. Ess and he’ll give you a pack of chewing GUM. Walk north and to the right and enter the bank. Use the bubble gum on Mrs. Stringstein to wake her up. Ask her to make a withdrawal and you’ll leave the bank with your MONEY. But not for long. The fine is quite high.

Walk to the south, then to the right and look at the jukebox in the alley. It doesn’t work anymore. Use the walkman with the jukebox and the bum, this time the one who killed JFK, will appear. Give him some money and he’ll go to the shop. He’s customer 999….

Walk to the left, south and left again. Enter the green door on the left to visit the basement with slot machines. Maybe you can try your luck here. Use some small change on the machine on the left and the reels stop on orange, orange and… orange. Yeah! The prize is.. an ORANGE. Climb the stairs to leave the basement and walk to the right. Go south to cross the street and enter the liquor store. You should be customer 1000…

Drat, inside is McPegLeg. So he’d be 1000. But he’s looking for something for his scurvy. That’s vitamins and you can’t buy that in a liquor store. Give him the orange and he’ll leave. Give some change to Elandra and buy a beer. You’re customer 1000 and win a large amount of MONEY.

Leave the shop and walk to the right. Enter the restaurant and give the money to Chef Lucca. Let the party begin!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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