There’s a creature sitting at a desk.

Look at the side of the bed to have a closer look at the bed and use the sheets to pull them back. Underneath is a CD CASE. Pick it up and look at it in your inventory. Use it to open it and take the CD from the case. Leave the bed and turn to the left.

Use the right side of the wardrobe to see a guitar shaped HANGER on the side. Take it and look at it in your inventory. It’s a KEY.  Behind the TV stand is a LIGHTER. Pick it up. Use the guitar key on the door below the monitor to unlock the door and inside the cabinet you can find a KNIFE. Leave the cabinet and look at the left side of the cabinet to find the POWER ADAPTER.  Look at the adapter to see the cord is tied up. Use the knife on the adapter to cut the band.Take a look at the cd case again. Use the knife on the case to find a KEY underneath. Use the key on the door of the wardrobe. Open the door and find a symbol with value: circle equals 51.

Turn left again and use the power adapter on the socket next to the door. This will power the stereo set. Use the CD with the stereo to play it. Aparantly nothing happens. Use the left orange book from the top shelf to see a symbol with a value behind it: diamond = 17. Turn to the left.


The creature has moved from the desk to the bed. Look closer at the drawer. On the seat you can see another symbol and value next to it: triangle = 40.  Use the drawer to open it and take a sheet of PAPER out. Leave the drawer. Look at the left side next to the desk to find the bin and when you look inside you’ll find a CANDLE. Look closer at the desk and use the candle with the ashtray. Use the lighter with the candle to light it. While looking at the candle, look at the paper in your inventory. It’s a sum: circle plus triangle times diamond. Let’s work that all out: 40 x 17 = 680 + 51 = 731

Leave the paper and use the guitar key on the candle. Turn the key over to see a symbol and a value: triangle = 50. So with the key: 50 x 17 = 850 + 51 = 901

Leave the paper and turn to the right. Use the lightswitch next to the door. It will become dark except for one CD in the bookcase. Pick it up and use the lightswitch again. Look at the CD case and open it to find a blue KEY inside. Turn to the right and use the key on the drawer of the wardrobe. When unlocked, open it and take the SCREWDRIVER out. Turn to the left. Use the screwdriver with the panel left of the door and reveal a number lock.

[NOTE: Next steps are optional  for another ending]

Enter 901 and turn to the right twice to see the TV. The cabinet on the left is now unlocked. Open it and take the CRAB out. Turn right and give the crab to the creature who will give you a REMOTE in return. Turn left to the TV again and use the remote with the TV. This will reveal a code: 526. Turn left and use the panel next to the door again. Enter code 526 and press the button. Leave the panel, turn to the right and see the wardrobe has moved.

Enter the room and look close at the heart. You need to enter four letters. Enter LOVE and push the button next to it to open the heart. Take the ROCK out. Leave the room and turn to the left.

[End of optional actions.]

Use the panel next to the front door and enter 731 as code. You can now use the front door to leave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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