You need to find a new bass player for your band.

Talk to Chris and Jackie and ask them about the band and their preference for pie. Leave the room using the brown door and pick up the FEATHER from the grass. Walk further to the right and visit the studio next to Linders. Look around the studio and talk talk to your brother Paul. Ask him about the bass, the competition and the sign up sheet. When you join the fan club you get a sticker and a $3 voucher.

Leave the studio south and walk to the record shop next to the studio. Talk to Claudia behind the counter and ask her to be a bass player. She wants to but can’t play so has to learn first. She has to quit her day job though and tells you about the CD sold. She needs that one back first.

Leave the shop and walk into the alley next to Scid’s. Talk to the bum and learn that he can produce ink. Walk to the right and leave the alley again. Enter Scid’s and talk to your dad on the right. He’ll tell you about the car and the door and missing screws. Maybe you can help him. He’ll give you 3 DOLLAR to get some screws.


Talk to Vic on the left and he’ll tell you about his drink and needing something to mix it with. Walk south to leave Scid’s and walk to the general store on the right. Talk to the man behind the counter and ask what you can buy for $3.  It’s not much. Use your money on the vending machine on the left and get a COKE from it. Leave the shop and walk back to Scid’s on the left. Go inside and give your coke to Vic to mix with his drink.  He’ll give you the EMPTY BOTTLE back.

Leave the bar and walk into the alley on the left. Give the empty bottle to the bum and he’ll fill it with INK. leave the alley on the right and walk to studio next to Linders on the left. Go inside, use the feather with your ink and use the makeshift pen on the sign up form on the wall. As thanks for joining you’ll get a BUMPER STICKER and a Yahtzee Brand VOUCHER.

Leave the studio and return to Scid’s on the right. Go inside and give the bumper sticker to your dad so he can fix the car. In return he’ll give you his SCREWDRIVER. Leave the bar and walk to the general store. Inside give the voucher to the man behind the counter and you’ll get a screwdriver ADAPTER. Leave the shop and walk to the left into the alley. In your inventory add the adapter to the screwdriver and use the combination on the jukebox to get the RECORD from it.

Leave the alley and walk all the way to the right where you can find Bob. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about his love for vinyl. Give him the record and you’ll get a CD in return. Walk all the way to the left and enter Richy’s Record shop. Give the CD to Claudia and Richy will join you band.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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