[NOTE: Doing things in the wrong order can make the game unfinishable!]

When you wake up, you’re in your bedroom.

Solution to getting to speak to Ibarn:

Look at the box on the bottom shelf to the right of the TV to find a PAGE (1). There’s a picture on it and some unreadable words. Turn to the right and walk forward through the door into a hallway. In front of you you can see the bathroom and to the right of the door there are shelves. On the bottom one is a green and yellow plate. Look at the plate to find another PAGE (2).

Walk north into the bathroom and use the drawers to the left of the sink. In the bottom one you’ll find a PAGE (3).  Turn right and you’ll find a device on the edge of the bath but not much you can do with it at the moment.  On the floor you’ll find a book and when you look through it, you’ll find some text and several diagrams. They’re useful for later but you can’t take the book.

Turn right again to see your bedroom again and a carpet of Pooh Bear on the floor. Pick up the carpet to find a PAGE (4). Turn right to see a door. Walk through the door into a bedroom. Use the bottom drawer of the night stand on the left of the bed to find a fifth PAGE (5).  On the wall is a device that you can’t use yet.

Walk south to leave the bedroom and turn left twice to see the stairs.  There’s a door north with cables going into the room. Walk north into the room. Turn left to find a desk with a lamp, keyboard and monitor on it. Using the drawer under the keyboard (very dark), you can find a transparent MAP with numbers on it and using the cabinet under that, left of the computer you’ll find a  BOOK with tracing paper and 8 missing pages.

Leave the room again through the door and turn left twice to see the stairs again. Go down the stairs (use the white wall between the door and the banister) and enter the corridor on the lower floor (use the floor in front of the door). Walk north into the kitchen and find more strange machines. On the left there’s another reference book on the worktop and again some useful information, but not right now. Remember it for later. Use the bag with shopping bags standing next to the sink to get another PAGE (6).

Turn left to see the exit of the kitchen and use the drawer on your right to find a PAGE (7) again. Walk through the door on the right into the living room and turn left to see the table and some cabinets. Use the green door at the bottom to find the last PAGE (8).

Open your inventory and put all the pages you found into the empty book with the missing pages. When all 8 are in you can see the words in a grid but they still won’t make much sense. Turn to the right to see the piano and walk north towards it. You’ll see a TV and a chess board next to it. Look at the chessboard and note the colors. Number the squares on the board from 1 to 64 from upper left to lower right and count only the white pieces: they are in squares 3, 16, 26, 28, 48, 49 and 64. Look in the book in your inventory and select the words from the same squares. It will read: What is the color of Calvin’s T-Shirt. Do the same for the orange pieces. Take squares 9, 22, 38, 40, 52, 59 and 63. Take these from the book as well to make the sentence: How many blocks are added on the triangle.

Now these are questions about the pages you put in the book. Open your inventory and use the split button on the book and you have the images back. Find Calvin (the one with the spikey yellow hair) and see his shirt is red. Look at the page of the coloured triangles and see that there’s one square added.

Leave the chess board and step back.  Turn left to see the table and look at the device on the table. Use the up- and down arrows to change the first character into an ‘R’, then press the right arrow button. Again use the up- and down arrow until there’s an ‘E’ and repeat the process until the last character reads a ‘D’. Press the White button on the left (this was the answer to the white chess pieces). Change the last character into an ‘E’ and press the left arrow button, change the middle character to an ‘N’, and the first one to an ‘O’ and press the orange button.The device will change into a book.

Look at the book to meet Ibarn. He’ll tell you you have to find them all three and give you a puzzle with two trains. You need to work out the solution. Here goes:

Solution to the wardrobe door puzzle:

X = number of passengers of train W
Y = distance  of train W when train V passes.

The number of passengers of train W at the start  = 23
The average speed of train W = 180 km/h
Stations are 20 km apart
Each station it takes double the number of passengers, starting with 3
There are 9 stations
Each passenger who gets on, adds 10 seconds to the duration of the journey
The average speed of train V =  200 km/h
Train V has no stations so takes no passengers
Train V leaves 10 minutes and 30 seconds after train W

With these numbers you should be able to calculate X and Y:

The smallest units are seconds so it’s easiest to convert to meters and seconds:
The average speed of train W = 50 meters/second. Then you need to calculate how long it will take to get to several stations; they are 20.000 meters apart. So to get to the first one, it will take 20.000 / 50 = 400 seconds. There will board 3 people so that’s 430 seconds. Then adding another 400 seconds to the next station, adding 60 seconds, etc. To sum up the stations: 1=400 sec + 30, 2= 400 + 60 , 3=400 + 120, 4 = 400 + 240, 5= 400 + 480, 6=400 + 960, 7=400 + 1920, 8=400+ 3840, 9=400 + 7680. Added up it will give the departures at station: 0: 0 (23),  1: 430 (26) , 2: 890 (32), 3: 1410 (44), 4: 2050 (68),  5:  2930 (116), 6: 4290 (212), 7: 6610 (404), 8: 10850 (788), 9: 18930 (1556)

Now at what point will train V catch up with train W?

It takes train V 360 seconds to get to the next station (200. 000 m / 3600 seconds  =  20.000 m a /360 seconds ). So per station this will be at: 0: 630, 1: 990, 2: 1350, 3: 1710, 4: 2070, 5: 2430, 6: 2790, 7: 3150, 8: 3510, 9: 3870

You can now see that train V leaves station 5 before train W so the catch up is between station 4 & 5. But how much has train W driven?

At station 4, train W has driven 2050 seconds. In this time train V has driven 2050-630 (start delay) = 1420 seconds at a speed of 200 km/h = 1420*200*1000/3600 meters  (=78888.88) meters. That means that at station 4 train W is 1111.11 meters ahead of train V.

1111.11 meters of train V equals (1111.11/(20000/3600)) = 200 seconds. In this time, train W does (180*3600/1000) meters/second * 200 seconds = 10000 meters. At station 4 they have driven 80 km already, adding the additional 10.000 meters (=10km) results in 90km. So X = 68, Y = 90.

To confirm:
90.000 at 200.000m/3600 secs = 1620 sec + 630 sec (start delay) = 2250
90.000 at 180.000m/3600 secs = 1800 sec + 450 sec (68-23 *10 passenger delay) = 2250

Turn right and go north through the door next to the piano. In the hallway use the stairs on the left to go to the upper floor and upstairs turn right twice to face the staircase again and a bedroom door with cables leading in. Go into the bedroom and you’ll face a wardrobe with a panel on it. Use the panel and read the equation at the top: x+y.

We found an x and y and adding them makes 158. Press the left green wave once to add 100, press the middle green wave 5 time to get to 50 and press the right blue wave twice to get 8. Then pull the red lever and the wardrobe will open. Look at the box inside the wardrobe to get another paper with some explanation about the 4th dimension. Look at the box under the box to find another message from Ibarn. To the right of the box there are two other books. Read them because they contain important information.

Pull the red lever at the top and you’ll hear a machine starting up.  Leave the wardrobe and turn right twice to see the door. Go through to the hallway and facing the door turn left. Walk north into the bedroom and push the button on the chest behind the bed. It’ll open and show you another book. At the end of the book there are  two formula’s.

Turn right twice and walk into the hall. Turn right, north into the room with the wires and in front of the familiar panel turn right and you’ll see a machine. Use the screen at the upper left of the machine and you’ll see an arrow, a circle  and four columns. Left of the arrow is a number and pressing the arrow this number will increase by 1 while the number to the right of the arrow will increase more. The trick is now to figure out the Z.

Solution to the desk room puzzle:

From the book in the chest you got the two formula’s. Let’s start with the first one:

Y = a*X² + b*X + c

Pushing the arrow until the left number (X) states 1, you’ll see that the right (Y)  is 10. In your formula it will be:
Pushing the arrow again, the X will be 2 and the Y will be 29. In your formula it will look like:
Pushing the arrow a third time, X will be 3 and Y will become 58. Again put in the formula, you’ll have:

If you subtract the first equation from the second one, the result will be 19=a*3+b. If you subtract the second from the third, the result will be 29=a*5+b. Taking the first result from the second, you’ll end up with 10=a*2 thus concluding that a must be 5. Putting that back in the first result, you’ll get 19=5*3+b, showing that b must be 4. Filling in the first formula, you can see that 10 = 5 + 4 + c and thus c = 1.

Now for the second formula in the book:

Z = a * b * Y – 7 * c

Make sure the left side of the arrow shows 1, making the Y set to 10. Putting the first results in this formula, you’ll get Z = 5 * 4 * 10 – 7 * 1. This results in 193. With the X still at 1 and the Y resulting in 10, leave the first column (left) blank, set the second one to 1 square, the third one to 9 squares and the right column to 3 squares. Then push the XYZ button in the centre and X and Y will be set to ON. Leave the machine and the book in the middle will be accessible. It will tell you more about the inventions.

Turn right and walk north into the hallway.Turn right twice and use the white space on the wall to go down the stairs. Go further down the stairs and use the door on the left to enter the lounge. Walk south and turn right to see a huge machine. Use the black square box just above the large wheel and you’ll see a panel with buttons and images.

The lounge puzzle:

Remember one of the books you found in the wardrobe? The one about small lighting dots. It had a story about a Single Star, Binary Stars, Variable Stars, Open Clusters and Globular Cluster. Then it shows the several symbols for the several types. Then it tells you about the different colors: dark blue (O), blue (B), light blue (A), white (F), yellow (G), orange (K) and red (M). But what do you need to enter into the machine?

Turn to the right and you’ll see a picture of a nebula above the cabinet. Take a closer look at the picture. Then open your inventory and take the transparent map out that will project over the picture. There will be three codes that exactly correspond with stars: one in the nebula, one bright slightly higher to the right and one very bright one to the right of that one and lower. These stars will correspond to the codes: 1VSG, 4SSF and 7GCK.

Leave the map, the picture and turn left back to the machine. Use the square black box again to see the buttons and enter the information you found. Press the number to set it to 1, take the symbol from the list for Variable Star (open circle with dot in the center) and set the color to yellow. Turn the dial on the upper left and the machine will flash and you’ll be able to get a PICTURE from the box in the center of the machine. On the back of the picture there are numbers.

Leave the machine and turn right twice. Go through the door and up the stairs. Turn right and north into the bathroom. Turn right once more and use the device on the edge of the bathroom. You need to turn all the squares to orange.

Solution to the bathroom puzzle:

Number the squares from 1 to 35 from left to right from top to bottom. The sequence to push them: 1 & 22 (first column filled), 10, 17, 31 (second column), 11, 18, 25 (third column), 19, 26, 33 (fourth column), 6, 13, 27, 34 (fifth column), 7 and 14 (last two columns).

A sphere will absorb all the water. Turn to the right, then to the left and use the white space on the wall to go down the stairs. Go further down the stairs and  use the door on the left to enter the lounge. Walk south and turn right to see a huge machine. Use the black square box just above the large wheel and you’ll see the  panel with buttons and images. Press the number to set the number to 4, symbol to single star (solid dot) and the color to white. Then turn the dial again. The machine will flash and you’ll be able to get a PICTURE from the box in the center of the machine. On the back of the picture there are more numbers.

Turn right and use the door on the right to enter the kitchen. Use the machine that’s in the sink.

Solution to the kitchen puzzle:

In the book on the left on the worktop you can read the values of the 3 rings: inner is 100, middle is 10, outer is 1. Reading further after that you can see 5 chapters. Each chapter refers to a color: 1 = red, 2 = green, 3 = purple, 4 = grey, 5=white. Reading the middle section of the book in the chest in the bedroom there’s a story about planets. In each part of the story a color and number are mentioned: red suit of 225kg, grey lake of 846km, 6 white guns (rob & me, each hand & belt), green snake of 243m, 3 purple balls.

Combining this information, with the dial on the left pointing to 1 (red), press the inner ring twice, the middle ring twice and the outer ring five times. Turn the dial to position 2 (green) and press the rings to read 243. Turn the dial to position 3 (purple) and press the outer ring three times. Set the dial to 4 (grey) and push the rings until it says 846. Finally turn the dial to 5 (white) and push the outer ring 6 times.

Turn the red on/of switch and the machine will come to life! A panel will open and a book will be revealed. Read the book for more background information. Turn right  and go through the door on the right into the lounge. Facing the piano, turn right and you’ll see the big machine again.

Use the black square box just above the large wheel and you’ll see the  panel with buttons and images. Press the number to set the number to 7, the symbol to global cluster (open circle with cross through it) and the color to orange.  Then turn the dial again. The machine will flash and you’ll be able to get a PICTURE from the box in the center of the machine. On the back of the picture there are even more numbers.

Now that you have three pictures you can use them to manipulate the three panels that you found on the wall.

Solution to the wall panels:

In the book on right of the box in the wardrobe there’s a theory about coordinates and objects. The first calculation is wrong: The third one added to the difference between the first two are the right one. So you need to add and subtract the values on the pictures. But in what order?

Have a look at Ibarn. After the theory about the trains there’s a picture of a bell. In the background there’s a stamp-like image that tells you: 1: girlfriend, 2: animal and 3: myself. So converted to numbers: 22-666-907, 1-2-8 and 04-05-77. When calculated in the formula found earlier, this would be: 22-1+4 = 25, 666-2+5 = 669 and 907-8+77 = 976.

Whilst facing Ibarn, turn right  and step forward to see one of the panels. It’s number 3 so enter 976. Step back, go through the door on the left and turn right to face the kitchen. There’s another panel. Look at it to see it’s number 1 so set this one to 025. Turn left and go up the stairs. Go straight north into the bedroom and use the panel on the wall. It’s number 2 so enter 669.

Walk south to leave the bedroom and turn left twice. Go down the stairs twice and go through to door opening on the right into the kitchen. Turn right to face a button on the wall. Push the button to reveal reality.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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