You are James and need to investigate the situation on the island to prove that Mr. Stiles is innocent.

On the boat pick up your EMF DETECTOR on the cabinet on the left and take your GUN from the table on the right. Then use the stairs to leave the boat.Walk to the right down the plank and north through the dock house into the town. On the town square use the door on the right to enter the pub and talk to the girl.

Ask her about Stiles and Virginia and she’ll tell you about the scientists and the tests being done. She’ll tell you more later so leave the bar for now. On the square again use the door of the the church and you’ll be warned by a little kid. Use the door on the upper left to enter the hotel and talk to the man behind the counter. He’ll unlock room number 105.

Walk to the right and use the door of room 105 to go inside. It’s a strange room. Use the light to switch it off and you’ll hear some strange noises. There’s banging on your door and to get out the only way is through the window. Use the window to smash it and you’ll cut your hand. Use the bed to tear a piece from the SHEET which will soon be covered in blood. Use the window again to climb down.


In the alley use the window on the right to enter the church. On the stand is a large BOOK. Take it to see it’s not the bible but a journal.  Look at the journal in your inventory to learn more about the nuclear testing. Walk to the right into the office of the priest. Use the EMF detector on the priest to see that something spiritual is going on.

Take the SHOVEL from the wall and use the lower left corner of the desk to find a DOCUMENT about Virginia. Look at the document in your inventory to find out how she died. Leave the office on the left and walk south into the church. There’s the kid again. But it has other intentions now. Use your gun on the kid to shoot it before it reaches you. You need to hurry or walk between the benches so it’s harder for the kid to reach you.

Once you’ve killed the kid, use the door to leave the church and you’ll be arrested. In jail you need to find a way to get out. Look at the drawings on the wall. Use the writing to pry a piece of CONCRETE from the wall. Use the bloody sheet in your inventory on the sheriff to distract him and when he’s looking at the bloody cloth, use the concrete on him to kill him. Walk to the right to get the bag next to the desk and get  all your belongings back. Walk south to leave the jail.

Walk into the cemetery on the upper right next to the church. Look at the stones and read the names. The tomb in the centre is Virginia’s. Use the shovel on the grave to dig a hole and all of a sudden you’ll fall through into a lab underneath the grave.

Use the old computer on the wall you landed next to to get a REPORT of the activities of last month. Look at the paper in your inventory to learn some interesting facts. Walk down the stairs and look around in the lab. Use your gun on the cylinders on the right to set the explosives.Use the chute on the left to climb out and walk north until you reach the door. You’ll end up in the office of the priest where the bookcase has killed the priest.

Use the lower left corner of the desk again to get another DOCUMENT, this time of little Jimmy. Use the door on the left to leave the office and walk south into the church. Use the door to go outside and walk south to return to the docks. Walk to the left to try to get to the boat but Lucy will stop you.

When she asks you to take her with you, tell her you won’t. Once you’ve killed her, walk left up the plank onto the boat. Use the door of the cabin to return home. You’ve found all the evidence you can but are just too late bringing it back.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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