You want to finish that incantation.

LOOK FLOOR to see that your brother left a crayon. Walk over to it and GET CRAYON. LOOK BOOKCASE to see that your notebook is wedged in there. GET NOTEBOOK once you’re in front of the shelves. Walk to the left to enter the kitchen.

Walk all the way to the left and OPEN CABINET to see what’s inside. LOOK CABINET and GET SALT. On the back wall there’s a knife. TAKE KNIFE and walk to the right back to the living room. Walk over to the fireplace and TURN OFF FIRE to extinguish it. ENTER FIREPLACE to go inside and find the hidden room underneath the house.

LOOK FLOOR to see the squared shape and a kit in the corner. Walk over to the kit and TAKE KIT. You take all the items from it. READ NOTEBOOK to see the first part of the spell. Walk to the square on the floor and DRAW CIRCLE. From this moment, don’t step into the circle anymore or you’ll die. You have to READ NOTEBOOK again to find step 2.

PUT CANDLES IN CIRCLE to arrange them into the circle and READ NOTEBOOK for step 3. PUT BLOOD IN CIRCLE to complete this step. READ NOTEBOOK again to learn that you need to PUT SALT ON KNIFE. For the next step, READ NOTEBOOK once more and SPEAK WORDS to recite the spell and READ NOTEBOOK again.

CUT AIR will make a hole in the air and then READ NOTEBOOK to see what the next step will be. Walk into the hole and you’ll drop down. Walk to the lower left to leave the rock and you’ll find out about the alternatives for your spell. Walk to the left and on the left there’s a rock on the ground. TAKE ROCK when you stand next to it and walk further to the left.

Walk into the cave on the left and once inside use the spell CAST FISSOP to see where you’re going. Walk into the water to the left and next to the gem LOOK GEM. This will learn you another spell. Walk to the right to leave the cave and walk to the lower right once more. From here walk to the lower right and follow the path south.

At the junction, take the road to the south and follow it to the left. At the next junction you’ll find a gun on the ground. Walk over to the gun and TAKE GUN. Walk further to the left and find an alien creature coming towards you. You don’t know whether it’s friendly or not so CAST VIOGRA ON ANIMAL. [Note: you have to be fairly quick to say the spell so you might want to type it before you enter the screen with the animal.]

Once the creature is out of the way, LOOK and discover the body. LOOK BODY to realize that the skull is pretty loose so TAKE SKULL. Examine further by LOOK SUIT to find a shard of metal hanging loose. TAKE SHARD, then walk to the right.

At the intersection walk south to find a small altar. PUT SKULL ON ROCK to put it down and then USE ROCK ON SKULL to crush the skull into a powder. Walk to the puddle on the right of the altar and TAKE BLOOD.  Walk north and at the intersection walk to the right. Follow the path leading north and at the next intersection walk to the right.

There’s a weird crystal on the ledge. Walk over to the colored stone and SHOOT CRYSTAL to shoot some shards from it. TAKE CRYSTALS from the floor and walk to the left. At the intersection walk north and follow the path north to where you entered. Walk all the way to the left into the cave.

Walk over to the platform in the water (stand behind it) and DRAW CIRCLE on it. PUT CRYSTALS IN CIRCLE to represent the candles. PUT BLOOD IN CIRCLE to make it red and PUT POWDER ON SHARD. To recite the spell, SPEAK WORDS again and once the white flames appear, CUT AIR. Since you can’t step up to the platform, ENTER PORTAL.

You travel to a new location and it’s not home as it should be. You’re on a tiny island now. READ NOTEBOOK to see what you can do next, you need another teleportation spell. LOOK WATER to realise there’s fish around and then CAST VIOGRA ON FISH. You now have a dead fish. TAKE FISH to take it from the water and CUT FISH to make a bloody mess.

LOOK SAND to find hard surface underneath and MOVE SAND to reveal the stone.  DRAW CIRCLE on stone PUT FISH IN CIRCLE and it will be absorbed.  Now you need something to transfer your speed to so wait for the ship to appear at the horizon and then POINT AT SHIP. Once that’s said, walk into the circle. [Note: there will only be one ship so if you miss it, you’ll be stuck on the island]

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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