You’re back in Reality as a ghost. You need to find a resurrecting spell.

Standing in the graveyard, walk to the right, then to the south to reach the streets of Reality. Use the door to the right of the Yahtzeebrand General store to enter your own house to find it empty. You have to get to the company that took your inventory. You need your notebook.

Walk all the way to the left and enter Scid’s. You can’t talk to George behind the bar because.. you’re dead. You can enter the room on the left by using the door and talk to … Grim. Tell him you can’t do anything and he’ll give you some magical gloves.

Ask him for advice and he’ll give you his SCYTHE because you need to stop the tear in the time-space continuum by digging up your own grave. Use the door to leave and walk south into the street. Walk to the left into the alley where the bum is. You can’t talk to him but when you try to search the box, he’ll hear you. Use the scythe on the jukebox and then try to search the box again. This time you’ll find a SKELETON KEY.


Walk to the right to leave the alley and walk north to the right of Dominatrix. This road will lead to Star Tac’s property management. Use the skeleton key on the door to unlock it and use the door again to go inside. On the desk is a note that states that your notebook is in the safe. Fortunately it also gives you the code. Encrypted that is.

The combination is ECG, IJI, AD, FG. Now A=J and J=A. You need to swap the letters first.

A B  C D E F G H I J becomes
J  I  H G F E D C B A equals
0 1   2  3 4  5  6  7  8 9  and so ECG, IJI, AD, FG becomes 573, 101, 96, 43.

Use the dial on the right of the safe and enter the code, spaces after the commas. You can now use the door to open the safe and get a green ROCK and your NOTEBOOK out. Walk south twice to leave the company and return to the streets of Reality and enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store.

Talk to the clerk, yes, he can hear you, and learn about Yahtzee and the empty shop. Give the green rock to the clerk and he’ll pass out. Use the door of the back room to have a quick look around and all you can find is a SHOVEL. Leave the store and walk to the right to the return to the graveyard. Walk to the left to your own grave and use the shovel on the grave to do some digging.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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