You’ve come to the streets of Reality.

Walk EAST to go further down the road and SOUTH to reach the plaza outside City Hall. George is sitting here. TALK TO GEORGE to learn that he’s on a diet. Walk WEST to the small house that you try to purchase. Maria’s standing outside the house next to her car.

TALK TO MARIA to hear that she’s the estate agent and she’ll tell you that you need to inform the mayor. LOOK CAR to see that there’s a lighter next to it in the street. TAKE  LIGHTER and walk EAST back to the front of City Hall. Walk NORTH back to the main street and NORTH again to reach the hospital.

Vicks is standing in the hall, next to a desk. TALK TO VICKS to find out that your presence isn’t appreciated here. LOOK DESK to see the cigarettes and chocolate. GIVE LIGHTER TO VICKS. He’ll step away for a smoke, giving you time to go inside the medicine room and take a pen. TAKE CHOCOLATE to get the moldy chocolate from the desk.


Walk SOUTH to leave the hospital and return to the main street of Reality. Walk WEST to return to your starting point and NORTH to enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store. You can see pudding and magazines. LOOK MAGAZINE to see that these are weight loss magazines. Hmm… maybe you can help George with it. Tray to take the magazine or pudding and you’ll notice that the clerk won’t let you.

TALK TO CLERK and then GIVE CHOCOLATE TO CLERK and he’ll be distracted for a moment giving you the chance to take the magazine. Walk SOUTH to leave the shop, then EAST to the other part of town. Then SOUTH again to return to George outside City  Hall. GIVE MAGAZINE TO GEORGE and he’ll happily pay you some money for it.

Walk NORTH to get back to the street and EAST to reach the cemetery. Next to the tree is a dodgy figure called Joe. TALK TO JOE to learn that he can help you to a fake ID. GIVE MONEY TO JOE and he’ll arrange you a fake document.

Walk WEST away from the cemetery, then SOUTH to City Hall. From there EAST to enter the Mayor’s office. TALK TO MICHAEL to be welcomed and he’ll tell you to show some ID. GIVE ID TO MICHAEL and he’ll give you a permit to by your house in Reality.

[Note: due to a bug (or rushed ending?) you can ‘sign form’ and ‘give signed form to Michael’. This still tells you that you gave the document to Maria who isn’t here. It’ll end the game anyway.]

Walk WEST to leave the office and WEST again to return to Maria. SIGN FORM to make the document legal and GIVE SIGNED FORM TO MARIA to become a resident of Reality.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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