Look at the stained glass window. Talk to the monk and ask him to join and ask about the mosaic.  Talk to the sailor sitting next to the seagull. Ask him what’s wrong. He doesn’t want to tell you. Leave him for now. Talk to the seagull and the sailor will react to that. He thinks you’re crazy. Talk to the seagull again and again the sailor will react.  He’ll talk to you now. Talk to the sailor again and agree to help him. You need to make sure they believe he’s a catholic.

Talk to the Monk again and ask if he can help. He’ll tell you about the mosaic. Ask about the church and he’ll give you a CROSS. Walk to the right and give the cross to the seagull. Return to the monk, talk to him and tell him the seagull is the devil. He’ll keep an eye on it so you can take the colored GLASS from the window.

Give the glass to the monk and he’ll give you the DOCUMENT OF FAITH. Give the document to the sailor and you can sail off.


Talk to the man in the tree. There’s not much information coming from him. Look below him into the sea and notice there’s no shadow. Talk to the man again and ask about his shadow. He’ll let you ask a question if you give him a coin. Take the MUSHROOM from under the man.  Right above the coin between the trees is a long STICK. Take it. To the left of where the stick was are vines in the tree. Use the stick on the VINE to get it out.

In your inventory tie the vine to the stick. Use the knife on the cross to cut the CHAIN from it and attach it to the makeshift fishing rod to act as a hook. Attach the mushroom to the rod as bait and use the fishing rod on the COIN in the water. Give the coin to the man in the trees and ask him about the mirror and Sleepy Island.Then ask him the secret of the island. When there’s nothing more he can tell you, you’ll sail on.

Ship wreck:

Take the dirty RAG out of the water and the JAR with oil. Also take the captains BOX from the right out of the water. In your inventory use the rag with the jar to make it oily. Use the rag with the knife to clean it from rust and use the clean knife on the box to  open it. Inside is a FLUTE and a LETTER. Read the letter to learn about the flute. Use the flute on the north in the water, on the right of the raft, south in the water and left of the mast. Out comes a water creature. Talk to the creature about your friends and ask ab0ut Sleepy Island. Finally give the map to the creature to show where you want to go.

Sleepy Island:

Walk left further onto the island. On the beach is a COCONUT. Pick it up and use the opening of the cave to enter. On the bottom right is a sword stuck in the rock like Excalibur. Use your knife on the sword to cut a groove next to it and use the jar with oil on the groove to oil the stone. Now take the SWORD out. Leave the cave again.

Look at the sign on top of the cave and look at the rock left of the sign. Out comes a strange creature. Talk to Mr. Creek and ask about the island, it’s creatures and the palm trees behind you. Walk further to the left and at the intersection go left again, into the French village. Pick up the French FLAG from the ground and talk to the man sitting in front of the cottage.

Tell him your real name and ask about the island. He isn’t much help. Leave the man and walk back to the intersection on the lower right. This time take the path to the right to find a tent and someone sitting next to it. He seems to be deaf. Walk into the tent and talk to the man. [NOTE: To walk into the tent, click the walk-icon left of the top peg of the entrance of the tent.] You’ll give him the flag and he’ll tell you how to communicate with the Frenchman and the deaf pirate.

Leave the tent on the left and walk north to a stinky marsh. On the right is a strange man. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the forest and the map you’ll need. Next to the man is a ROCK. Pick it up and walk south back to the pirate. In your inventory use the rock with the sword to sharpen it and give the sharp sword to the deaf pirate. He can now free himself. In return he gives you a piece of the MAP and some TOBACCO. Talk to the pirate to learn more about the map and the island.

Walk to the left to the crossing and left again back to the Frenchman. Talk to him and this time tell him you’re from Scotland. Ask him for the map and he’ll tell you he wants the flag in return first. Ask him about the English Lord and he’ll tell you it’s a drunkard.

Walk to the crossing by leaving on the lower right and go to the south. Talk to Mr. Creek again, this time about the island Kreecha plant. It’s edible all of a sudden. Use the jar with oil on the Kreecka plant to get some of its KREECHA JUICE. Walk left to the crossing and to the right to the tent. Go north to the stinky marsh and use the jar with Kreecha juice on the stinky marsh to add some of the MUD.

Take the rag from your inventory and use it on yourself to blow your nose and fill the rag with MUCUS. Add the mucus to the jar as well. Walk to the south and enter the tent again. Give the jar with the mixture to the Englishman. Leave the tent and go back in again to find the man on the floor. Use the man’s body to take back the French FLAG and the second piece of the MAP. Leave the tent again.

Walk left to leave the tent and left again to find the crossing. Again left to pay a visit to the Frenchman. Give him the flag and now he also want some money. Since you don’t have any, give him the tobacco. You’ll get the third and last piece of the MAP. Walk to the lower right to return to the crossing and use the map on the  dark forest.

Use the door of the house to enter and then you’ll realize that you’re scared. Use the cross on yourself for comfort and use the door again to give it another try. Talk to the creature and ask about your father, himself and Sleepy Island. He’ll tel you about the passage between the rock.

Once outside again walk to the right and on the crossing walk to the right. Walk north to the marsh and the rock and see that the strange man is gone. Follow the path north  between the rocks and you find that you’re not scared but lost. Walk south again and at the tent go south once more. Walk to the right and talk to Mr. Creek.

Ask Mr. Creek to guide you through the canyon. He’ll give you a DOLL that can guide you. Walk to the left and left again on top of the cave to go to the crossing. Walk to the right and at the tent go north to the canyon. Use the doll on the passage where you stopped earlier and now you’ll be able to proceed.

Walk to the left to meet the stone monster and use the doll on the hole in front of him. Step into the beam of light and talk to the stone monster. He’ll tell you the secret.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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