You have a hangover.

On the desk on the right is a CIGARETTE BUTT. Pick it up. On the floor is your maths BOOK. Pick it up as well. Use the screen of your computer to see it’s broken. Click OK to see the bad message. You need to return that album to Michael. Leave the screen and try to take the album from the desk. It’s stuck.

Use the door on the left to leave your room and see the map. Select the town mall on the south of the map. Walk south into the CD shop to find only one album left. Good thing it’s Pink Floyd. Pick up the album but the shop assistant won’t let you. Talk to the man and ask him about the shelves. Ask if you can have the Pink Floyd album but only if you give him a cigarette.

Look at the poster. It’s a local band. Use the poster to rip a piece of PAPER from it and find a NAIL as well. Walk north to leave the shop and the mall and return to the map. Select the bar on the right. Talk to Lee and ask her for a cigarette. Ask her again for a cigarette and she’ll tell you how to make one. Ask for Michael and she’ll tell you he’s probably in the club. You can find free tickets in the ladies room.


Walk north into the restrooms and go to the left. Use the sink to find another CIGARETTE BUTT. Leave the toilet again and leave the bar. On the map select Club Horizon at the north. Talk to the guard. Ask if you can get in. You can’t. Ask for his screwdriver and you can’t have it. Ask about his job and he’ll tell you about maths. In your inventory use the nail with the maths book and nail to the open door next to the guard. He’s now distracted.

Take the SCREWDRIVER from his belt. Walk to the left to leave the guard and on the map select the park in the center. There’s a statue and is has a crack in it’s arm. Use the screwdriver on the crack and take the ARM with you. Walk south to leave the park again and on the map go to the side of  Karma Bar on the right. There’s a small window that looks into the ladies room.Try using the screwdriver on the bottom side of the window to realize you need something heavier.

Step back from the window and on the map use the arm from the statue on the little window to smash it. Use the small window again to see the damage and you can now take a TICKET from the poster. Leave the window again and on the map go to the Club Horizon. Give the ticket to the guard and you can go inside.

You’ll have a conversation with Michael and no matter what you answer, he wants his CD back. After the conversation use the ashtray on the bar to get another CIGARETTE BUTT. Walk to the right to leave the club and to the left to return to the map. Walk south to the mall.

Go into the CD shop. In your inventory use the three butts with the paper to create a CIGARETTE. Give it to the shopkeeper and you can take your CD from the shelf. Walk north to leave the shop. Walk across the park to Club Horizon. Give the ticket to the guard and you can enter again.

Give the CD to Michael and you… end up in a coffin. Use the lighter on the dark space and use the crack in the box to kick an opening. Use the opening to get out and go to the light spot in the park. You’ll find Lee here and when you talk to her she’ll ask you what you’ve learned from this.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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