There are some strange people in the garden.

Your boss wants you to get the phone. Walk to the left and go down the steps. Walk to the table on the right. Take a CUSHION from the chair and drop it under the phone on the dresser on the right. Just walk over there to drop it. Walk back to the table and take a second CUSHION from the chairs. Again walk back to where you dropped the first one to drop this one as well. Finally walk to the table a third time to get the last CUSHION and put on the other two. [NOTE: Do not get all cushions at once. If you take more than one cushion before dropping them, you can’t get to the phone anymore and you have to restart the game.]

Pick up the PHONE from the dresser and walk to the left where you can enter the lounge again. You’ll bring it automatically to your boss. But now she wants you to get the camera. Walk back to the left and down the stairs and all the way to the right to where you found the phone. A bit to the right of it is the CAMERA. Pick it up and walk all the way back to the left and into the lounge. Again you’ll bring it automatically to your boss.

Now she wants you to keep the boys busy until the police arrives. Walk outside into the garden to pick up the boy’s CLOTHES and run around. Let the boys chase you or just wait until the police arrives. They boys are too scared to touch you.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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