You’re the janitor of the school and need to tidy up the place.

Walk to the right towards the other door. You hear whispering at first, then the voices become louder. When you can hear someone talk clearly with a lisp, walk to the north and hide in the shadow of the pilars. Then the man walks in and disappears again, threatening to kill you if he can find you (7/7).

You must find that lisping cult person. In your cabin look around. On the dresser is a matchbox. TAKE MATCHES to pick up the matchbox (3/10). Walk to the right and OPEN DOOR to go outside. There’s a piece of paper floating around, blown by the wind. TAKE PAPER to pick it up.

Walk to the door on the left side and OPEN DOOR to go inside. After the entrance, the first door on the left is the cupboard. OPEN DOOR of the cupboard to enter. Look around inside. Left of the door is a shelf with stuff. LOOK STUFF to find there’s an old rag between the stuff. TAKE RAG to pick it up (8/18). Against the wall on the right side is a can with petrol. TAKE PETROL (23/41). Walk to the door and OPEN DOOR to leave the cupboard again.

Look at the door to the right of it. LOOK DOOR. There are bored students. LISTEN to hear the teacher lecturing. Further to the right is a noticeboard. LOOK NOTICEBOARD to find three pieces of paper. Keep repeating this until you’ve read all the papers.  The last one has a familiar picture. Walk to the door to the right of the notice board and LOOK DOOR to find more hardworking studens and LISTEN to hear the lecturing.

Walk further to the right. More classrooms and all have hardworking students and lecturing teachers. Walk further to the right and LOOK PAINTING. One guy looks creepy. LOOK PLAQUE to find the name of the creepy guy. LOOK DOOR to the left of the painting. Bored students. LISTEN at this door to find your lisping person.  You need to get him out of there.

Stand next to the plant that’s next to the door. USE PETROL WITH RAG to soak the rag. USE MATCHES WITH SOAKED RAG to light the rag, the plant and… yourself! (10/51). Quickly walk to the right and OPEN DOOR to go outside. Walk to the fountain and USE FOUNTAIN to extinguish the flames. OPEN DOOR on the right of the building to walk back in again and you can just see how the teacher tries to sneak away. Follow the man to the left and see how he enters the library.

Walk towards the door in the middle and OPEN DOOR to enter the library. You can the leader just descend to the basement. But how did he do that? Walk towards the bookshelf on the left side and LOOK BOOKS. The pink one is covered with dust. LOOK BOOKS again to find the  green one in dust as well. LOOK BOOKS to find the yellow one. Interesting but (obviously) not recently used. LOOK BOOKS once more to see a blue book that’s not covered with dust and is about the cults.

USE BLUE BOOK to discover what the cult leader did and follow him to the basement (30/81). There’s the leader on the balcony and a huge statue of him. On the ceiling is a chandelier. LOOK CHANDELIER to notice it’s a bit loose. USE BROOM WITH CHANDELIER to knock it down and kill the cult leader (100/181). You’re a hero now!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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