You want your own circus!

Walk around town and talk to everyone. Talk to Adrastos on the right. Give him some advice on how to sell his tricks. Talk to the old man standing on the right in front of the guild hall and learn about his son and his cane. Walk further to the right and talk to the pimp in the service window. You obviously don’t speak the same language.

Talk to Laria standing next to him and if you want to take her home you need some money. Walk to the north and find a bear sitting next to the tree. Talk to the bear to find out about his problem. Tell him about your vacancy in the circus and he’s interested but hasn’t got a bike. So you need to find one.

Walk left and open the door of the cabin. Enter the hut and take the WOLF HEAD from the wall. Leave the cabin on the left and walk to the busstop on the left. Talk to Little Red Riding Hoodie and learn where she’s going to and what she’s carrying. But she won’t give you any.


Use the wolf head on the girl to pretend you’re the wolf and she’ll disappear. Pick up the BASKET with goodies. Walk further to the left and talk to the fisherman. He’s not very happy and eager to talk to you. Pick up the DOG standing on the pier and walk back to the right, back to the bear. From there go south and give the basket with goodies to the pimp in the service window. It would be a nice present for his grandmother. In return you get a PAMPHLET in case you want a job in the buisiness.

Walk to the south next to Laria. You’ll find a comedian performing. Talk to him and ask what he’s doing. He doesn’t understand much because he’s not from this country but he’s looking for an audience. Walk further to the right and in front of the fence of the cottage is a cat. Use the dog on the cat to scare it off and then pick up the CAT FUR. Use the door of the cottage and walk inside.

Talk to Crazy Old Granny Meg and she’ll tell you about the cat. Give the fur to granny and she’ll give you the sleeping POTION and a COLOURING BOOK. Look at the poorly balanced jar on the shelf on the left to get a HAIRY DOLL from the shelf. Walk to the south to leave the cottage again. Walk all the way to the left until you reach the magician again and then go north into the alley right of the magician.

The baker just put down his pie to cool off. Use the sleeping potion with the pie and walk to the north back through the alley. Enter the guild hall and before you go inside, the old man gives you the POSTER of his son to display inside. You’ll teach those men in there a lesson!

Once side again walk to the right and go south near Laria. Walk to the right and at the cottage walk further to the right. You’ll enter a cricket field. Talk to the player standing next to the wicket and ask for his sunglasses. You can have them if you bring him sunscreen. Walk to the circus tent in the north. Enter the tent and inside talk to the ringmaster sitting behind the desk on the left.

The ringmaster has a lot of paperwork to do. On the crate in the center of the circus ring is a jar with FACE PAINT. Pick it up. Talk to the strong man and learn that he was abandoned by his parents since he was a kid. Give the poster to him and he’ll leave to meet his father.  Talk to Missy and learn about the job she has now and how she’d like to make some money. Give the pamphlet to her and she’ll be off to her new job.

Walk to the right to leave the tent and go south back to the cricket player. Give the face paint to the player and he’ll give you the GLASSES. Walk to the right to reach the playground. Talk to the kids and learn about the tricks they can do. They should be working for you! Talk to the mother sitting on the log and talk about her kids. She needs them to practive for a hairdresser. Give her the hairy doll and you can take the kids. But only if you can show her you can provide for them.  Pick up the little BIKE you can use for the bear.

Walk to the left four times and enter the building right of the guild hall. Inside is Drew Lander. Talk to him and learn about his eye sight and his inventions. The things he made up… even tinned food. Give him the glasses and you’ll get a CAN OF FOOD. Walk south to leave the building and walk north on the right side of it to return to the bear. Give the little bike to the bear and he’s willing to join you if you have a circus.

Walk all the way to the left and give the can of food to the fisherman. He’ll take off and give you the FISHING ROD. Walk all the way to the right to the bear and go south. At Laria walk south and to the right at the cottage. On the cricket field go north to the circus tent. Enter the tent and talk to the ringmaster again. He’ll tell you about that fact that everyone left him. Tell him to give up and return to his homeland. He’ll give you the DEED of the tent and will leave this afternoon.

Walk to the right to leave the tent. Walk south to return to the cricket field and walk to the right to see the playground again. Give the deed to the mother to show her you can provide for the kids and you can take them. The mother will drop them off at the tent. Walk to the left three times until you reach the comedian. Give him the deed and convince him that he’s better off in the circus tent. He’ll join as well. Walk further to the left and show the deed to Laria.After some negotiating she’ll also join later tonight.

Walk to the north and show the deed to the bear. It’s the proof you have your circus so he’ll join you. Walk south again and show the deed to Adrastos on the left. He’ll join you as magician. Walk to the right, at Laria go south and three times to the the right to reach the cricket field. From there walk north to the tent. Enter the tent to see that everyone showed up. Then it’s time to start the circus.

You’ll meet Dimus from your cage. He’ll tell you about his plans and leave you with Welk to guard you and the keys. Give the colouring book to Welk and you’ll get the KEY making it possible to leave the cage. Walk to the right and find princess Desdemona behind the prison door.

Talk to the lady if you want but you have no intention of saving her. Use the large, low window on the right to leave your prison to wash up on a deserted island. Well, almost then. The man need some items to finish his boat so you just need to help him with it. You’ll get his keys then. Walk to the right and take the UMBRELLA and MARTINI GLASS from the walrus thing. Take the SUN HAT from his head and walk to the north into the forest.

Welk is trying to fish with his pitchfork. Give him the fishing rod and you’ll get the PITCHFORK. Walk to the north next to the palm tree and find a huge bird on a huge nest next to a stack of Lego bricks. But no blue one. Use the pitchfork on the bird to make him move and find a blue brick under it. Pick up the blue LEGO BRICK.

Walk to the south and at Welk walk to the right. The across the beach left back to Dustin. Give him the brick, the umbrella, the hat and the martini glass. He’ll then go work on his boat and you get the key to his house. You’ll then see it being smashed. Walk north into the forest again and use the key on the cover on the right to open it. Use the ladder inside to climb down.

Inside you’ll find a machine of destruction. Next to the ladder is a BASEBALL BAT. Pick it up and use the bat on the machine of destruction. That is … if Alexander wants to cooperate.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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