Part 1: I need a beer

When standing on the beach walk tothe right. Left of the building, half behind the trees is a drum. Use the drum twice to find a KNIFE inside (10/10). Walk to the left, back to the beach and from there go to the north. You’ll reach the river with palm trees on your left. Under the tree you can find a glass JAR (10/20).  Walk to the right and you’ll see vines hanging. Use the knife on the VINE to cut a piece off (10/30). Walk further to the right to find a fisherman. Talk to him to learn about the bait he’s looking for.

Walk further to the right and you’ll step into a HOOK (5/35). Walk south and to the right to find a pool with acid. Use the jar with the ACID to take some (10/45). Walk north into the hotel lobby. From the reception  desk walk to the right and look at the missing elevator door. To the left is a tray against the wall that has a KEY inside (10/55).

In your inventory use the hook with the vine (20/75) and use the grappling hook on the elevator shaft (20/95). Talk to the man standing there. He won’t let you get to the ship. Pick up some of the ROCKS that are on the ground (10/105) and use them on the man to make him leave (10/115). A WORM will fall out of the rocks.

Walk to the left again and walk to the south to leave the lobby. Walk further to the left and find a largen wooden box surrounded by bushes. Use the key you found at the lobby on the box and enter the secret room (20/135). Against the wall is a panel. Use the acid on the panel to open it (20/155) and take the BALLOON that’s inside (5/160).  Climb the ladder again and walk north to return to the fisherman. Give him the worm and he’ll give you MONEY (10/170).  Walk to the left and then north. You’ll see a bridge and left of the bridge is a palm tree.  At the bottom of the tree you’ll find a KEY (10/180).  Walk north across the bridge and to the right. You’ll find three pots. Using the one on the far right you’ll get more MONEY (5/185).

Walk back to the left, south across the bridge and to the right twice to return to the fisherman. Walk south from there and to the right to the acid pool. Right of the pool is a helium tank. Use the balloon on the nozzle of the cylinder to fill it with helium (5/190). Walk north into the lobby and to the right into the elevator shaft.  On the top of the hill use the balloon on the ship to reach it (20/210).

Part 2: Where’s that beer?

Look around the ship. Use the nozzle of the cannon to find an ID CARD (20/230). But you can’t enter with it. Use the stairs on the right side to go to the lower deck. On the table is a CAMERA. Pick it up (10/240) and when you want to use it on yourself you see that there’s no film in it.

Look at the painting. The lower right corner seems to be loose. Use that corner to peel it off and reveal a button (15/255). Use the button to open the door and take the FILM that’s revealed now (10/265). Use the film with the camera (10/275). Use the camera on yourself to take a PICTURE (10/285).  Use the stairs on the right to go to the upper deck and use the stairs on the left to climb the mast.

On the right of the crowsnest is some green sticky stuff. Use the picture with the green stuff to make it sticky (5/290) and use the sticky photo with the ID card to change the image (5/295). Walk down the stairs again and give the ID card to the bouncer and you can enter (10/305).

The bar is quite empty. Talk to the barman to learn the prices of the drinks. Give him money and order a BEER.Take the drink from the bar and use it to drink your first beer (5/310). Give more money to the bartender and order another BEER. Pick it up and drink it again (5/315). Still it’s not enough so give money again and take the BEER. Then drink it again (5/320). You need more. Give money for another BEER and take it and drink it (5/325). You’re getting there. Give money once more and order another BEER. Drink it (5/330) and leave the bar on the left. Walk back to the right to enter the bar and the girls are finally there.

Trying to talk to the ladies doesn’t work so go to the barman. Give him money and order a VODKA. Pick up the drink and give it to one of the girls (5/335). Repeat the wodka process with the other two girls (5+5/345). Talk to the girls and she’ll tell you to take a new approach (10/355). Talk to the girl again and you’re not getting anywhere.

Walk to the left to leave the bar and use the stairs on the right to go to the lower deck. On the table is a BOOK with pickup lines. Pick it up (10/365) and look at it in your inventory to learn some new lines (20/385).  Walk up the stairs and to the left into the bar again.

Talk to the girl again. They are still not very cooperative.Leave the bar again and return to find the girls have been taken. Talk to the girl again and she’ll requests a beer. Give money to the barman and ask for a BEER. Pick up the beer and give it to the girl. Then keep talking to her until she ditches her friend and asks you to come along (30/415).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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