You’ve inherited a mansion but someone else occupied it.

Use the front door to find it closed. Use the doorbell and talk to the ghost. Learn that they moved in and if you want other arrangements you should talk to the mayor. Walk south over the grass and south again to leave the estate. On the map select the City Hall.

There’s no one behind the desk but on it is a YOGHURT and a SPOON. Take both and walk left to the mayor. Talk to him to learn that the ghosts had a right to move. When you ask where to get a lawyer your chances aren’t getting bigger. When you ask the mayor how to get rid of the ghost, he tells you to check out his books.

On the left is his bookcase. There’s one book on the top shelf that’s slightly different in color (red) and when you take it you’ll read about how to get rid of ghosts. There are two options:  root beer or Abba songs. Put the book back in the bookcase and walk south to leave the mayor. There’s a good place where you can get root beer: Scid’s.

Walk south to leave the office and to the right to return to the map. Go to Town Square.  On the street in front of you is a SYRINGE. Pick it up and enter the Yathzeebrand General Store.  Take the FRAGMENTS OF COOKIES and the bottle of WATER from the shelf and since you’re not a thief, talk to the shopkeeper to pay for it.

Look at the poster on the right and then talk to the shopkeeper again to get a free PETARD. Use the container next to the counter to get a BAG from it. Leave the store and walk all the way to the left into the alley where you’ll find the bum. Talk to him and learn that he’s the National Astronomy Museum. Talk about the souvenirs and how to get a ticket for admission to the museum.

Next to the jukebox on the floor is a hole. Use the fragments of cookies on the hole to lure whatever is in there out. But you can’t wait that long. Walk to the right and enter Scid’s. Talk to the bartender and tell him you’ve lost something. When he asks what, tell him it’s the MUSEUM TICKET. He has one so will give it to you.

Ask him about a lawyer and how to get a root beer. You’d better find these ingredients then. He can’t sell you a bottle of whiskey though because the guy at the table had the last one. Leave the bartender for now and use the ashtray on the left table to get a CIGARETTE from it. In your inventory use the cigarette on the petard to light it and throw it at the sleeping man. He’ll release his hand from the bottle so you can take the WHISKEY.

Leave the bar and walk left into the alley. Use he bag on the MOUSE to catch it. Give the museum ticket to the bum and he’ll give you a lesson in astronomy. After the tour you can use the box next to him to get a souvenir out: a KEY. Walk to the right and use the key on the car in front of the post office to open the boot. Use the boot to get the WRENCH out.

Enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store and put the bag with mouse in the freezer to get a mousecube. Leave the store and return left into the alley and use the wrench on the jukebox to open it and get an Abba RECORD out.  Leave the alley and walk all the way to the right to see the map. On the map select the mansion.

Put the frozen mouse in the trashcan so it’ll attract the cat. Don’t wait for it but walk north to the front yard. Use the bottle with water on the soil patch on the right to make it muddy and use the spoon on the puddle to take some MUD from it.

Walk south again to find the cat next to the bin and use the syringe on the cat to sedate it. Pick up the CAT and walk north to where the dog is. Use the cat on the dog and the dog will start drooling. Use the syringe to retrieve some of the DOG SPITTLE in front of him and you should now have all the ingredients.

Walk south twice to see the map and go to Town Square. Walk to the left and enter Scid’s. Talk to the bartender about the ingredients and give him the four ingredients. In return he’ll give you the ROOT BEER. Leave the bar and outside walk all the way to the right to see the map. Select the mansion on it.

Use the root beer on the ghost guardian to get rid of him and walk inside the house. Walk through the open door on the right and find a record player. Put the Abba record on it and use the player to start the record. You’ll have the house cleared in no-time.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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