You need to get rid of your superpowers before getting sued.

Leave the shop. Talk to the car and learn why he’s sad. Walk further to the left into the alley and talk to the Bum. He’s batman today. Ask him for one of the batman goodies and he’ll refuse because you’re not having the ‘R’ on your shirt. Use your xray eye on the jukebox to make a hole in it and you’ll find a batmobile MICROCHIP in it.

Walk to the right and give the chip to KITT. It’ll show him that he’s not so bad after all. As return favor he’ll tell you where to find Michael. Use the space suit on the sky and visit the apartment building. You just can’t find a way to land properly so you’re not able to find out about Michael’s plans.

On the map select the school to end up next to the gym. Against the wall is a RAKE. Pick it up and use your suit on the sky to see the map. Return to town square. Use the rake on the bottom right R of the Yathzeebrand General Store. It’s loose and with the rake you can get the R down.


Walk all the way to the left into the alley and give the R to the bum. The goody he gives you is a BOTTLE. Walk to the right and enter Scid’s.  Talk to your brother behind the counter and ask him for advice. He suggests to visit Die Vie Ess. Look at the sign next to the bar and learn about the refund campaign. Give the bottle to Dave and he’ll give you a DOLLAR.

Use the cup of tea on the table to bring it to Dave and you’ll get to keep the TEABAG. Walk south to leave the bar and use the space suit from your inventory on the blue sky above Skid’s to oversee the town. Select Dr. Die Vie Ess’ mansion on it.

The front door is locked but when you use the rock next to it, you’ll end up in the basement. DVS has taken all your powers and when you talk to him, you’ll find out he missed one. Talk some more and he’ll tell you about the sleeptonite on the table. Use your power left, the xray eye and since you can’t reach the sleeptonite, try the portrait. The shot will bounce and hit the door. Use the portrait to move it a little and shoot it again. This time it’ll bounce and hit the mirror. The mirror will fall. Hit the mirror and it’ll reflect on the elephant.

The doctor will undo the damage and whilst he’s at it, shoot the sleeptonite. If you’re not quick enough, shoot the mirror again first. Once you’ve hit the sleeptonite, your powers will return. Use your superpower to knock out DVS. Once recovered, talk to him and ask him for alternative superpowers. DVS needs to do some research in what powers to give you so you must bring him a comic book. Before you leave, use the table behind DVS to get his STETHOSCOPE from it. Use the door to leave the room and walk south to see the map.

Go to town center and enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store. Look at the magazines in the back. There are a lot of adult ones but when you look carefully, the yellow cover on the third row from the top is a comic book. Use the dollar on this cover to buy the COMIC BOOK. Leave the store and use your space suit on the sky to return to the mansion of DVS.

Use the door to enter and give the comic book to DVS. He’ll read through it and suggests that meanwhile you check out the museum. Use the door to go outside and walk south to see the map. Select the museum on it. Talk to Templeton and ask about the museum. He’ll tell you their top piece got stolen. Look at the console at the center of the room and see that it’s empty. Templeton will tell you about it and tell you what to look for. The last one to bee seen in the are was… David.

Walk south to leave the museum and select the church roof. Standing on the roof look at it and see that the plates need to be welded in place. Use your laser eye on the roof to fix it (1/1). Use the sky to see the map again and fly to the Realizer. You’ll land on top of the building and see how Death is trying to jump off. Be careful what you say to him and try to talk him out of it: ask him why he wants to kill himself. Ask him if he really wants to escape being Death and then ask him what will be the use of it.

Ask him what is so bad about being Death and then tell him he’s a dude. When he wants to know what to do, tell him to do something different. Then tell him it might be worst than he thinks it is (1/2). With Death being saved, use the sky to go to the hospital.

Walk inside and find Geoff on a table. He’s hurt but there’s no one to help him. Use the stethoscope on him to realize it’s a dislocated shoulder. Now use your power on him to set his bones straight. Another happy customer (1/3). Walk south twice into the streets of Reality and use your flight suit on the blue sky to get to the map. Travel to the mansion of DVS.

Use the front door to go inside and DVS will help you to some new superpowers: the wrong ones. Until DVS has created the new serum, you’ll have to hang around for a bit. Once outside, walk south to see the map and travel to the school. You’ll end up next to the gym. The bully is still there. Now that you have new powers, use the web power on the bully to save the kids (1/4).

Use your web powers on the sky and travel to town square. Walk to the right and enter the apartment building. David should be on the first floor but once inside the building, you can’t get to the first floor. Use door #33 to enter Mika’s apartment. David’s should be underneath it.

Talk to Mika, ask for help and ask how to get to other floors. Use your spider powers on the kitchen window and Mika will get very mad at you. She’ll throw you out. Use the door to find out she’s not letting you in again. Better find a way to make it up with her. Walk down the stairs and enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store.

On the counter is a telephone. Use it to call Mika and find out how to make it up. On the counter is a box with chocolate beans. Use them to realize you can make your own chocolate. Use your power on the box to crush the beans and use the teabag on it to add more flavor. To bind the mix, use your web powers on the box on the counter and just when you need it, use your laser eye on the box on the counter. To cool everything down, use the fridge on the left side of the store to create your CHOCOLATE.

Walk south to leave the store and enter the apartment block on the right. Use door #33 and give the chocolate to Mika. Use your web power on the kitchen window and learn what David is up to. You’ll end up in front of the church. Walk to the left north to the graveyard and find DVS there. Talk to him and find out that he’s searching for one final component. Ask him what component it is and if he knows anything about the  key to the church.

You need to find a newt. According to DVS’ description it might be showing up in the graveyard. Look at the gravestone on the left to find the newt and when you try to get it, it’ll jump on the wall. Before you chase it further, use your web power on the gravestone on the left. Now chase the newt around (again) until it jumps onto the first stone and now will be caught in the web.

DVS will make you a new power and you’ll loose all the other ones. Doesn’t matter, now you’re Llamaman! Now for the key: what did DVS say? A man with fertilizer. Looking at the grave of Davy, you’ll notice the fresh fertilizer. Use your spit on the fertilizer and it’ll produce a KEY. Walk south and use the key on the door of the church.

Talk to David.  Ask him about his plans. Use your new power on the ‘Turquoise Daffodil’ in front of Michael and talk to Michael again about the Daffodil. The use your spit on the daffodil one final time.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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