You need to correct the changing situation in Reality. First a room.

From where you’re standing, walk south to reach the other side of the street. Use the light blue door on the corner building to go inside and talk to the lady at the door. She’ll give you the KEY to the apartment after you’ve paid. Go up the stairs  and use the key on door #15 to go inside.

The room is completely empty apart from a cardboard TUBE. Pick it up and walk south to leave the room. Go down the stairs and walk south to go outside and walk south again to cross the street.

Walk all the way to the left and into the alley to find the Bum. Today he’s Jimmy McBee, a reporter. Talk to him to learn the latest. About Davy’s room being haunted by mysterious light, the rocket launch site where strange things happened and the election that has taken place. After the conversation walk to the right. Enter Scid’s.


Just above the bartender is a tear in the wall. Talk to the bartender to learn about the latest news and politics and Death being campaign manager for the mayor. He has the office next door. Death is not in at the moment but he has the key of the office.  After the conversation, use the Stitch on the tear in the wall to fix it.

Leave the bar south and walk all the way to the right. Keep walking to the right until you see the map. On the map select City Hall. Talk to Death and talk about the office in Scid’s. Death will give you the KEY to investigate there. On the desk is an envelope and on it is a PAPERCLIP.  Take it and ask Death if you can have it. You can. Walk to the right to see the map again whilst you’re there, you might as well visit the launch site.

There’s a tear in the sky here as well. Use the Stitch to fix the tear and look at the truck. It’s abandoned but in the back of the truck you can find a SCREWDRIVER. Take it and follow the path to the right to see the map and return to Town Center.

Again walk all the way to the left and enter Scid’s again. Use Death’s key on the door on the left and find another tear inside the office. Use your Stitch on the tear to fix it. Use the door to leave and walk south to go outside. You need to investigate more places where you might find tears.

Walk to the right and ‘use’ the small alley to the right of Yahtzeebrand Store to get to the back of the row of houses. [Note: you can also walk to the far right and instead of to the right to see the map, walk north to the back of the row. Then to the left to return to the rear of the store.]

Look at the white house left. The upper right window should be Davy’s room but how do you reach that? Use the shed against the house to see what’s inside but it’s completely rusted shut. Maybe you can find something in the general store to open the shed.  Use the black door to enter the storage room of the general store. Inside is not a tear but a dead body.

Use the body to search but you’ll only find a tattoo. The door on the left is locked but since it’s a flimsy lock, you can use the paperclip to open it. You’ll be shocked to see what’s inside. Against the wall is a can of OIL. Take it and leave the shop, then leave the storage space.

Use the oil on the rusty shed so you can open it. Inside you’ll find a LADDER. Put the ladder against the upper right window to have a peek inside Davy’s room. There’s a tear as well so use the Stitch to fix it. Use he window to climb down the ladder.

Walk north between the general store and Davy’s apartment to reach the front of the block and walk all the way to the right to see the map. In the town center all disruptions have been fixed but as soon as you reach the map you notice something at the welcome sign. Select it on the map.

From the sign walk to the right to see where it comes from. You’ll find another tear. Use the Stich on the tear the fix it and walk left twice, past the sign to see the map again. You still have the feeling something’s not right. At the map, you can feel another power coming from the local school. Select the new location on the map.

Use the door on the left to go inside and find three other doors. The doors to the basement and office are both locked. Maybe something from the toolbox can open them if you can open the toolbox. Use the screwdriver on the toolbox to pry it open and you’ll find a KEY in there.

Use the key on the door of the basement and you’ll find the source of the emitting power. You need to stop the rite. The only way is to break the circle. But the force is too strong for you to get close. Use the tube you got from your room on one of the candles to disturb the circle and save the girl.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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