The prison tower:

The evil man dropped something near the bed. Look on the bed. There’s a KEY. Pick it up and use it on the wardrobe. Look inside the wardrobe. Take the HAT out. Use the hat.

The garden:

Follow the unicorn to the big castle. Enter the castle.

The castle livingroom:

The handsome man is in trance. Hypnotised by the TV but you can’t turn it off. Go through the door on the left. You’ll end up in what’s supposed to be the kitchen.

The castle kitchen:

Take the FRYING PAN from it’s hook and go back to the living room.

The castle livingroom:

Use the frying pan on the handsome man. He’ll wake up from his trance. He’s got a great idea. Let’s ride the unicorns.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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