The castle living-room:

The baby is lying on the ladybird mat. It tries to talk. Talk to the baby. Hmm… nothing useful here. Maybe the handsome man can help. Talk to the man. Apparently all beauty, no brains. Eventually he suggests the EMR in the cupboard next door. Since our husband isn’t able to go anywhere, we’ll go there ourselves. Go through the door on the right (do we have a choice?)

The castle kitchen:

Open the cupboard. Wow, what a mess. Try looking for the EMR. Not here. Maybe we didn’t search good enough and should we have another try…. Nope, not here. Shall we ask our husband? No way! Let’s try again ourselves! See? I knew it! There’s the EMR. Back to the other room.

The castle living-room:

Use the EMR on the baby. No, I said, USE the EMR on the baby. There you go!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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