Santa’s House:

You’re in front of Santa’s house. Use the door (knock first). When you’re alowed to go in, use the door again. Talk to Santa. He doesn’t seem to be himself. You’re sent outside again. Go over to the big snowpile on the left to ‘hide’. Another guy will come walking in and talk to Santa. Eventually they both leave. You must go to the toy factory as well. Follow the two off the right of the screen.

Crossing the moat:

There’s a moat with some nasty animals in it. Look on the other side. A guard house. How to get across? Go back to Santa’s house and go inside. Take an OVERALL and a pair of SKI‘s. Leave the house and go back to the moat. Use the ski’s on the moat but before you cross it, right-click on the other side of the moat. If you can see a guard, you’ll have to wait and repeat the looking a few times until the guard is gone and you can cross.


[Whenever you get caught by one of the guards, you’ll be ‘deported’ across the moat again and your ski’s have been taken. Two options: you should have saved the game earlier or go back to Santa’s house to get another pair of ski’s. ]

As soon as you crossed the moat, hide behind the hut, just in case the guard returns. Look at the other side of the screen. You can see the toyfactory. Now again, if you can see a guard, wait until he’s gone. Keep hiding behind the hut and he won;t find you. As soon as it’s safe to go to the toyfactory, leave the screen on the left. When you enter the next screen be sure to hide behind the tree right away. Again this is a perfect hiding place (although it doesn’t look that way on screen). When you’re sure there’s no guard in the kitchen, go inside.

The Kitchen:

We need to move fast before the guard gets back because we don’t have a place to hide here. Take a few items from the kitchen: A PENCIL from the worktop. Open the cupboard under the sink and take the PLUNGER out. On the desk is a BREADKNIFE and some YEAST. Look in the bin. Although just emptied, they didn’t take the TEABAG. Now leave the kitchen again and hide behind the tree.


As soon as the guard enters the kitchen, take the breadknife and take the BRANCH from the tree. Then go back to the moat and cross it again. Go back to Santa’s house and take the HOSE from the tap. It’s frozen but we’ll think of something. Enter the house of Santa.

Preparing at Santa’s:

Try to put the hose on top of the stove? That will take forever. Open the fire grate and use the branch on the stove. The branch is burning. Use the branch on the hose. There you go. Use the branch on the stove again to take a lit branch with you. Leave the house and go back to the moat.

The Moat:

Use the yeast on the thawed hose. Use the hose on the moat. The foxes like the marmitey hose and they will bite holes in the hose. Cross the moat(be sure there’s no guard) and hide behind the hut. Now use the branch (still burning) on the tap so that will thaw as well. Connect the hose to the tap and throw it over the hut. Wait for the guard to go inside the hut and turn on the tap. He won’t bother you anymore. Walk to the kitchen and go in.

The Kitchen:

There’s still a guard behind the door the factory. You need to fool him as well if you want to go in. How about telling him you’re a plumber and need to see the main water tank? But we need to make it convincing. So use the teabag on the tap. Make sure the tap is off to start with otherwise it won’t even go in. But the teabag isn’t in the tap far enough. Use the pencil to push the teabag further in. When you turn on the tap, the water is brown. Use the plunger on the door. The guard will open and you can tell him about the waterproblem. Show him the brown water and you can pass.

The Factory:

Look around the factory. When looing at the big monitor, Graves will introduce himself. Together with Santa. Graves will tell you of his evil plans. Eventually Graves will leave to see the northpole melt and Santa will leave to rescue the elves. But before he goes, he gives you a KEY. Use the same exit on the right, you’ll be at Santa’s house again. Pfew. It’s hot.

Santa’s House:

Santa gave you the key to his shed. Use the key on the shed door. Enter the shed. What shall we find inside?

In space:

We need to reach the magnifying glass but the reindeer doesn’t want to go any furter. But close to your hands are the reins. Use the plunger on the reins and then use the plunger on the magnifying glass. We’ll swing it over there. Pull the reins and off you go! Christmas is saved (and most of the world too).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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