When you wake up, walk to the left.

There’s a man lying under the tree. Talk to the fisherman and ask about his background. He’s retired and bacame a treasure hunter now. All he needs is his shovel. Ask about the shovel and you can borrow the SHOVEL. Say goodbye and follow the path to the left to reach the desert.

Use the shovel in the desert to dig up the FISHING ROD of the fisherman. Follow the path to the righ. Outside the house is an old man. Talk to the man and ask about his background and his mood. He’s not happy because he lost his keys. Walk to the right to return to the lake you started from.

Use the fishing rod on the lake to catch ..  the KEY. Walk back to the north and give the key to the man. He’ll tell you to use it on the door. Use the key on the door and enter the house.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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