You agree to get the ring back from that spooky house.

Walk to the right to find the garden next to the house. In the garden you’ll find a bottle with SULPHURIC ACID. Walk back to the left and pick up the STONES that are on the ground. Use the doormat next to the door to find a KEY underneath. Use the key on the door to unlock it and use the door to enter the house.

In the hallway use the left drawer to find a CUCUMBER inside and use the right drawer to find a keyring with lots of KEYS on it. Use the oval shaped door to go to a black and white platform. On the platform is a CARROT. Take it and walk to the south to go inside again. Use the door on the right to leave the corridor and step into the hall of the mansion.

Walk to the left to enter a large empty orange room and use the door on the left to enter the kitchen. Take the MOUSE TRAP from the table. Open the fridge left of the sink to take a bottle of CYANIDE out. Use the cupboard under the sink to take a PLATE. Use the cabinet above the sink to find a pack of CAT POISON. Use the oven under it to take an AXE out. Use the top drawer to find a carton of MILK and a pair of SCISSORS. Use the drawer under it to find a MAGNET. Use the cabinet above the drawers and look at the Aim Improve box to read the recipe. Use the cookie box and find a GREY KEY.

Leave the cabinet and walk to the right to leave the kitchen. In the orange room you’ll encounter a cat who will take the from you. Now you must find a way to get it back. Walk to the right and use the cheese with the mouse trap. Use the mouse trap with the mouse hole and walk to the left to return to the cat. Just as you want to leave, the mouse comes out, goes for the cheese and is trapped. Pick up the MOUSE.

Walk to the left and when you enter the orange room, the cat will follow shortly. Use the cat poison with the mouse and give the mouse to the cat. The cat will eat the mouse and die from the poison. Use the magnet on the cat to retrieve the KEY.Walk to the right and take the carpet in front of the stairs to reveal a trapdoor. Use the key on the trapdoor and when you use the trapdoor to open it, you’ll find a SLING SHOT inside.

Walk up the stairs and since the path is blocked by a huge carnivorous plant, use the door under the black painting. Inside the room you can find a Playboy on the table. Look at the Playboy to see Clint Eastwood on the cover. Use the scissors on the Playboy to cut Clint’s EYE from the paper. Use the top drawer to find a COAT HANGER inside. Open the windows to look outside and see a bat flying with a cow. That would be a nice meal for the plant.

Since you’re aim is very poor, you need to improve it by making the poison. In your inventory, use the sulphuric acid on the plate, put the cucumber on the plate, add the carrot to the plate and add the cyanide to it. Now you need the eye of a famous shooter. Put the eye you cut from the Playboy on the plate and your POTION is ready. You can now hit anything.

Use the slingshot on the bat. Don’t worry, you’ll hit it anyway. The cow drops on the ground. Use the side of the window to leave the window and walk to the left to go to the corridor. Go left down the stairs and use the coat hanger on the wall above the mouse hole to smash the HOOK from the hanger.

Walk south to enter the corridor and go to the left go look outside again. Walk to the right to return to the garden and find the cow dead in the grass. Pick up the COW and walk to the left. Use the front door to enter. In the corridor walk to the right and in the grand hall walk up the stairs. Give the cow to the plant and the obstacle will be removed.

Use the middle big door and look around in the room. Use the lamp stand to remove the shade and take the POLE. Look at the shade to dispose of it. Use the top drawer on the right to find some naughty letters and use the bottom drawer to get some WIRE. Use the axe on the mirror to smash it and use the broken mirror to step into the room behind it. On the floor is a RED KEY. Pick it up and use the door to return. Walk to the south to go back to the corridor.

Use the red key on the big door on the right to unlock it and use the door to enter the room. There’s a large aquarium with pranhas in it and also the ring you’re looking for. Use the wire in your inventory on the pole and use the hook with the combination to tie it. Use the Ringcathcher on the aquarium and out comes the RING. Walk to the left to leave the room and bring the ring back to the rightful owner. But is it so rightful?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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