Look at the table in front of you.

Behind the left led is a tiny orange dot that when you click it, changes into ARGENTINA in your inventory. Look through the windows. Open the left curtain and just above the window is a blue dot. Use it to find a BLUE KEY. Use the left window to find another country, this tine in yellow: CHILI. Use the flower pot on top of the cupboard to lift the leaves. Use the pot again to find VENEZUELA.

Use the floor to the right of the cupboard to open a trapdoor. Inside you’ll find URUGUAY.  Use the blue key on the left drawer above the worktop to look inside and find CUBA. Turn to the left and see an equasion on the lower right corner: X=2. Make a note of  the colors on the door. Look at the picture of the cow. Use the lower right of the picture to find PARAGUAY. On the bookshelf you can take a BOOK from the middle of the right compartment. Look at the book to see a list of countries and another equasion: A=15.

Turn to the left and find Y=7 at the bottom. Look at the couch and in the middle of the cushions you can find a GREEN KEY. Under the couch is another country. It’s EQUADOR. Use the painting to find a safe behind it. You’ll need four digits to open it. Turn to the left and see a fridge. Another code a the bottom of the screen: Z=5. In the lemon picture use the lemon on the right in the middle row to find BOLIVIA. Under the cabinets with the sink you can find a WHITE KEY.

Turn to the left and use the green key on the right cabinet under the worktop. Inside you’ll find PERU. Turn left and use the white key on the left cabinet under the picture to find BRAZIL. Turn to the right and look at the left cabinet under the worktop. It says Abc. Now A=15.  Look at the book in your inventory and count that all countries togethers have 15 A’s. Now count the B’s and the C’s. It will be 4 B’s and 5 C’s. Enter the code you found in the box: 1545 and open the cabinet to find MEXICO and the LETTER A.

We know a destination for that A. Turn to the right and move the letters on the fridge to the boxes to spell America. But there’s an A missing so use the A from your inventory on the last empty box and open the fridge. Out comes a RED KEY and VENEZUELA. Turn to the right twice and use the red key on right cabinet under the picture. Inside you’ll find GUYANA, SURINAME and FRENCH GUYANA.

Turn to the right and look at the paper on the table. It’s the map where you must put all countries at the right spot. Look at the map of South America to find all the right countries. As soon as all countries are positioned correctly, a formula appears and the text: BRASIL = 6.

To solve the formula, replace the letters for the values you’ve found. The formula
can be translated to
22+(5*7)+2(75*25)-7+(75*7)-7² =
22+35+(2*1875)-7+525-49 =
22+35+3750-7+525-49 = 4276

Now, brasil = 6 (has 6 letters and  is dark blue. Use the colors you found on the front door, translate the colour to the country and take the number of letters from that country. On the door you found:

Light Blue = Mexico = 6
Light Green = Uruguay = 7
Dark Green = Equador = 7
Dark Blue = Brasil = 6
Brown = Argentina = 9
Red = Paraguay = 8
Yellow = Chile = 5
Orange = Colombia = 8

Leave the map and turn to the left twice to see the safe. Enter 4276 as code and push ‘enter’ to open the safe and take the PINK SCREWDRIVER out. Turn to the right and enter the code you’ve found (67769858) in the textbox on the door and push ‘enter’. A green OK will appear. But you still can’t leave. Use the screwdriver on both hinges of the door and push the door to escape.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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