You need to get ready to get to work in the hop garden.

Look at the red boots in the cabinet twice to find a pair of PINCERS. Look at the boots again and you’ll find a BASEBALL BAT. Use the bat on the teddy bear on top of the cabinet to smash it open and use the teddy bear to take a WIRE out. In your inventory use the pincers with the wire and use the shaped wire on the door on the right to leave the room and enter the bedroom.

On the floor you can find a pack of Chinese SOUP. Pick it up. On the desk on the right is a PHONE. Take the pink phone as well. On the pillow of the bed on the right is a pair of GLOVES. Take them and walk south to return to the living room. Use the cellphone on the door in the middle to get some help. Ask to disintegrate a door and you’ll end up in another bedroom.

Talk to the man sitting on the bed to find out he has a hangover. Ask for his mess tin. You can have it if you give something to him in return. Give him the Chinese soup and you can have the TIN. Look at the cabinet on the left to see what’s inside.Take the BOTTLE of beer and the KEY from it and leave the cabinet again. Walk south to return to the lounge.


Use the key on the cabinet under the teddy bear. Inside you’ll find a STITCHER and you’ll end up in a trailer, locked up by your friends. Under the bench on the left is a WET STONE. Pick it up and take the BOTTLE of Bromexin from the table. On the wall is a HAMMER and a SICKLE. Take it and also pick up the MAGAZINE from the floor. Use the magazine on the door to attract someone who will crash into the door, breaking the window. Use the hammer on the door to break the window more so you can now reach the lock.

In your inventory use the wet stone with the sickle to sharpen it and then use the sickle on the lock (through the window) to slash it. Use the door to open it and you can go to the hop garden now where you must work. You decide to sabotage the fields but must get rid of the supervisor first.

Take the gloves from your inventory and put the on. Just to the right of the pole with the pack on, is a plant next to a wire. Use the stitcher on it to set the wire. Use the plant to the right, in front of the wire to wrap them around the wire. In your inventory, use the bottle of beer with the bottle of Bromexin and give the mixture to the supervisor. He’ll run off. Look at the pack against the pole to take the MATCHES out.

Walk to the left to find another co-worker. He needs to leave as well. To his right, on the ground is a small black spot. Pick it up, it’s an ANT. Use the and on the co-worker to scare him off. Now everyone is gone. Use the matches on the wooden poles of the hop garden to set it on fire.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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