You want to follow that girl.

First you need to get from that island. Push the green pillar on the left until it’s orange and push the purple one on the right until it’s blue. A platform will appear. Walk across it to the left. On the table is a KNIFE. Pick it up and walk back to the right to the place you woke up. There are wires hanging down. Use the knife to cut a piece of WIRE.

Go back to the left and look at the left most door. There’s a socket next to it. Use the wire on the socket and the door will unlock. Use the door to open it. Walk further to the left to meet the girl you saw earlier. Talk to her and learn all about the planet and the situation you’re in.

She’ll give you a swipe CARD. Look at the dead body on the floor. Pick up it’s HEAD. Walk to the right to return to the hall and put the head on the charging device. Once charged, the head will mention a code. A bit to the right is a keypad on the wall. Use it and enter 1984 as code. Use the door next to it to open it.

A stalker is watching the catwalk. Use your swipe card on the computer to activate it and distract the stalker. Walk further to the right to meet the Node and use the button on the console next to it to start a conversation. No long before you can confuse the machine and change your future.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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