After Hamar has told his story, you’re in front of a bridge.

Since the bridge needs to be repaired, take the VINE from the tree and you’re ready to cross. Then you’ll reach a talking tree. Walk towards the tree to talk to it and ask about the princess and the location of the king’s tower. Ask for help and the tree gives you some tips about what’s ahead. He also gives you a BRANCH.

Walk to the right to find the cave. On the left is some dried GRASS. Pick some. In front of it is a man on the ground. Looking at him you can see something sticking out of his pockets. Search him to find a GUN and some CARTRIDGES for the gun. Pick up the FLINTS from the far right and walk to the cave.

Use the cartridges on the entrance of the cave to put the gunpowder in front. Use the dried grass on the gunpowder to act as fuse and use the flints on the gunpowder to ignite it. After the blow you can enter the cave. Inside you’ll find the next challenge: the floating sand the tree talked about. Use the carpet from your inventory to fly to the right and cross the pool of sand.

Once outside again, walk to the right until you see the smurf who will warn you for the maze. You’ll enter the maze and have to get through within 60 seconds. On the other side you’ll make camp for the night. The next morning you’ll find a market stall and must choose one of the magic products they have on offer. It doesn’t really matter what you choose.

Walk further south and to the right. There’s a mermaid in the water and she warns you about the minions. She tells you about Excalibur. But you can’t just take it. You need to bring four keys which will make the mermaid give you an amulet to take the Excalibur. You need to do four calculations in order to get four keys. Pick up the numbers on the right. Put them next to the right equation: 73 at the top, 44 is next, 53 under that and 111 at the bottom.

You’ll give the keys to the mermaid and she’ll give you the AMULET. Use the amulet on the EXCALIBUR to take it out of the rock. Walk towards the hunchback and he’ll try to attack you. As soon as he’s close, use the sword on him to defeat the hunchback and proceed your quest.

You’ll find three doors. Next to it is a dwarf in a prison. He wants his magic flute to get out. To the right of the bushes in the middle is a tip of the flute visible. Take the FLUTE and you’ll give it to the dwarf. He’ll free himself and tell you about the doors. But which one to take?

The smelly bog:

Push the tree near you to drop it across the bog and then walk over the tree to the other side. There you’ll meet the bog monsters. Use the sword to cut them all into pieces and then walk further to the right to the exit of the cave. Walk to the right to find the beanstalk. But there’s a neanderthal coming at you. Quickly use your gun to shoot him and he runs away wounded.

The desert:

There’s a snake and very dangerous. Use the Excalibur on the snake to cut it into pieces.  Then walk further north to encounter giant sand worms. Use the gun to shoot all the worms and walk further north. Behind the pool is a CONTAINER. Pick it up and use it on the pool to get some of the HOLY WATER[NOTE: I wasn’t able to proceed here. As soon as this bug is solved, I’ll update the solution.]

The river:

When you’re in the river pick up the BOARD on the bottom of the river. Use the board against the river bank to climb out. Then the path comes to a crossing. Follow the path leading to the north. There you’ll find the beanstalk.

Use the carpet to fly to the top of the beanstalk. Walk over the clouds to the right until you encounter a giant spider. Use your gun to scare the spider and send it back to her eggs. You can walk further to the right. When you find the next part of the beanstalk, use the carpet again to climb it and upstairs walk to the right to the king’s castle.

There’s an ugly guard in front of the castle and when he asks what you’re about to do give him any reason. You’re thrown into jail anyway. Use your gun on the heavy door to smash your gun and a piece of WIRE comes from the gun. Use the wire on the door to unlock it.

The shed next to the jail is unlocked so use the door to look inside. Take the MOUSE, the CUTTER and the HAMMER in front of the garbage can with you. Walk south to leave the shed and to the right to find the castle. But there’s another spider again, trying to attack you. Use the hammer to hit the spider and she’ll run off.

The beanstalk is protected by a fence. Use the cutter to open the fence and finally you can climb the last part to the castle. Follow to the path to the right to the side of the castle to find a dragon guarding the entrance. But the dragon is quite friendly and willing to help by opening the door.

Inside the castle, you have to wait for the guard to leave. When he’s gone, walk done the stairs in the center of the room and enter the lab. Look at the book on the table to learn about the potions and the experiments going on.  Take the BLUE POTION from the table (for sleep) and the RED POTION (to shrink)  next to it. On the floor is a LAMP you can use.

Use the wire you’ve earlier on the door to unlock it and find a very dark room. Good thing you took the lamp. Look around until you find the man chained to the wall. Talk to him to find out about the potion and the machine. In the lower left corner you can use the machine to switch it off and pick up the GREEN POTION. Once outside again, walk north into the corridor and encounter some strange creatures.

You can overhear them talking about the princess and the secret room.  To defeat them, use the red potion on their wine glasses and they’ll soon be asleep [Note: colors are switched]. Walk to the right into the next corridor and go north there. The guards are after you now but when you walk to the right, you’ll hear some interesting things about the secret room. Put the mouse in front of the two guards and they’ll run away. Walk to the right into the main hall. The secret room must be here somewhere.

On the left pillar of the stairs is a panel. Use it to reveal the entrance to the secret room. Inside it’s very dark.  Walk north toward another corridor and again two guards. But the princess must be behind that door. You have to wait untill they check on the princess. As soon as they do, use the hammer on the small crack in the wall to make it bigger and when the guards return, wait until they are gone again so you can make a hole big enough to go through.

You’ve found the princess and after comforting her, use the door on the right to leave the castle. The dragon will be waiting for you here. Use the hammer on his chain to remove it and he’ll fly you back home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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