To show true love and dedication, your father in law ordered you to get the rare flower.

Walk north towards the flower and look at it. This almost seems too easy. Try to take the flower and find the thorns on the shrubs. You need to find another way. You can use your sword on the thorns but by magic they grow back on again. On the ground, just below the flower is a ROCK on the ground. Take it and walk to the right, down the steps.

There’s some water seeping from the mountain. Use the rock you picked up on the hole where the water comes out to make the hole bigger and let the water flow. Use the flask from your inventory with the stream to get some WATER. A bit to the right is another heavy ROCK. Pick it up and walk further to the right. Below the edge you can see a staff in the bushes. Take the grapple from your inventory and use it to get the STAFF.

Under the huge boulder behind you you can see something stuck but you can’t take it out. Push the staff under the boulder and the take the heavy rock from your inventory to use it as a pivot. Now use the makeshift lever to lift the rock and take the CLOAK from the dead man. Take the STAFF and the ROCK back and walk left back to the flower.

From the flower walk further to the left down the steps. Below you can find some WOOD. Take it and walk towards the smokescreen. There’s too much smoke and it’s too hot to get through without protection. Use the cloak on yourself and in your inventory use the flask with the kerchief to make it wet. Then use the wet kerchief on yourself and cross the smokescreen to the left.

You’ll find a hole and when you look at it, you’ll see that it’s very hot there. Use the sword in the to make the tip red hot. Walk all the way to the right, back to the flower. Use the red hot sword on the shrubs around the flower to remove them and they won’t grow back on again. You can now take the FLOWER from the shrubs. Your mission is complete. Walk south to return the flower to your father in law…..

Wait! When you look at the shrubs you realize you took something precious and you weren’t alone. Now that you took the last one, there won’t be magical flowers anymore. You need to preserve this! Use the flower on yourself to get the SEEDS out. You need to plant them somehow, somewhere.

Walk to the right down the steps to find a strange patch next to the stream that you haven’t seen before. That might be the right spot for the seeds. But you need to prepare the ground first. Take the grapple from the inventory and use it on yourself to get the ROPE and the HOOK apart. In your inventory use the flat stone with the staff and tie them together with the rope. You now have a MATTOCK.

Use the mattock on the soil to plough it. Now you need to fertilize it. Put the wood on the soil and use the flint from your inventory to light a fire. Pour the water from the flask over the patch and it’s ready for the seeds. Put them on the patch and now you have the wait. It’s not only the surrounding that changed, something inside you changed as well.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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