After you’ve gained your conscience again, look at the words in the grass.

Walk to the right and find a dead frog on the road. In the lower left corner is a bush. Look at it and use the bush to find an old KEY inside. Walk further to the right. After the strange figure on the other side of the swamp has gone, touch the strange anomaly and your teleported to another part of the swamp.

There’s a strange box in the field. Use the key on the door of the box to open it. Take the PARCEL from the box. Then you’ll be teleported again. Use the parcel in your inventory to get the PAGE from a manusript. Read the page to learn about a strange object. Walk to the right and you’ll see yourself dead on the floor. Take the ambiguous TRIDENT from your hand and you’ll be teleported once more.

You’re on some kind of bridge. To the right is a PAPER on the ground. Pick it up and read it in your inventory. It tells you more about the trident and the fact that you should draw a picture of the object you want to create. Walk further to the right to see Delial and when he’s gone, walk further until you reach an alley. There’s a piece of CHALK on the ground. Pick it up. Use the hydrant to realize you can’t open it.You need a tool.

Walk to the left to return to the bridge and use the trident on the anomaly on the left until it’s purple. Then use the portal to travel to the field with the strange box. Take the DOOR from the box as a base for the transmutation. Recolor the portal on the right with the trident until it’s green and then use the portal to travel back to the bridge.

Use the door on the view in the middle of the bridge and draw a tool on it with the chalk. Then transmute the tool with the trident. Pick up the WRENCH and walk to the right, back to the alley. Open the hydrant with the spanner and the pentagon and the wall will disappear.

Walk further to the right to find a bloody phone booth and some trash next to it. In the wall in the alley is a fissure. Use the trident with it to widen the opening and go though. You’re now in a room with three holes. When you use the trident on the hole, it will create steam but not enough to burn a hole in the wall. Therefore you need to get steam out of the three holes. But when one starts, the other stops. To get steam out of all three:

When there’s no steam from all, use the trident on the third hole and the one in the middle will steam up. Then use the trident on the first and all will steam. You’re back at the place it all started. But there’s also the adversary. You need to get rid of him. When you use the blue portal, you can send the demon back. Do that four times and he’ll be defeated. The three spirits that appear will explain all and make you an offer.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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