You’re in the basement of an alien space ship.

On the right side of the stairs is a moist area. Use the phlebotinum to get the molecule structure of the MOIST. Then go up the stairs.Use the door to the right of the stairs leading up to see what’s in the closet. Take the BROOM and when you use the toolbox, you’ll find a pair of SCISSORS and a SCREWDRIVER. Walk up the stairs and use the door on the right to enter the Ecological room.

On the table you’ll find animal TRANQUILIZERS. Take them. There’s also a tree but it’s blocked by a large animal. Use the broom on the big cat to chase it away and use the CHERRY BLOSSOM from the tree to get some. Leave the room again.

Walk through the door on the upper left to enter the laboratory and find the captain. But you can’t talk to him to ask for the code. Dr. Delicti  won’t let you.  Talk to her and you’ll learn about the potion she’s trying to create and the flowers the captain wants. Ask her what’s hidden behind the curtain and she’ll tell you about her priorities. Time to change that.


On the table is a VOLATILE FLASK. Pick it up and use it on the curtain. That will change the priorities of the doctor. Talk to the captain again and he’ll tell you about the flower. Give him the blossom but it doesn’t have the right effect. Use the scissors on the intravenous fluid transfer to cut it open and put the tranquilizer in it to let the captain go to sleep. Talk to the captain again to get the passcode.

Use the touch screen to see what it has to say. Talk to the screen and ask how it’s feeling. Lonely because it’s not on the main wiring system. Leave the room on the south and walk to the right on the upper deck to the sleeping quarters. Walk past third mate Arden to the right to the control room. Near the view port is C3D0. Use the bot to get a nice cup of COFFEE. Use the computer control in the center to get the spaceship on it’s way to the new destination. But then the engines fail. Leave the control room on the south and walk to the left back to the hallway.

Walk to the Engine passage on the lower left and talk to Eddie the engineer. Ask him what is wrong with the engine and he’ll tell you about the heat. Use the moist on the hot processor to cool it down. Talk to Eddie again to find out the next problem with the engine: fuel to boost it. Use the coffee on the fueling door below the engine and the ship is ready to go again…. but isn’t.  Talk to Eddie to find out about the depression of the engine.

Walk to the right to leave the engine room and in the hallway go to the upper deck. There’s a square panel between the lab and the mysteriously closed doors. Use the screwdriver on the panel to pry it open and use the console to rewire the communication system. They can now connect. Walk to the right on the upper deck and talk to third mate Arden.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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