You have to get Santa back from ITV.

Use the building in the back to enter. Ask for the big boss but the receptionist won’t let you. Use your credit card on the elevator on the right to go to the second floor. On the left is someone talking on the phone behind the desk. Pull the telephone wire out of the socket and he’ll be distracted. He’ll call an engineer to fix his problem.

When the engineer is standing next to the desk, use the bag on his waist to get a WIRE CUTTER from it. Use the credit card on the elevator again to return to the reception. Take the loose WIRE of the security camera by using the wire cutters on the cable. Use the credit card on the elevator to go back upstairs.

Walk to the right to find a door guarded by a large man. He needs to get away from there. Use the coin on a rope from your inventory on the vending machine to find it very unstable. The guard will help you by holding the machine but he still can see the door. Take the painting from the wall on the left of the machine and use the wire from your inventory with the hook in the wall. Use the wire again to attach it to the machine.

The guard will return to his spot in front of the door. Give him the candy cane and he’ll stand next to the vending machine. Use the wire cutters on the wire attached to the vending machine and the guard is out of the way. Use the credit card on the elevator door to enter the lab.

Talk to the scientist and learn more about the BrainJam program. Ask him where the boss is and he’ll point you to the next room with the teleporter. But you don’t know how to operate one. Use the door on the left to enter the room with the teleporter. Use the HyperCupboard to find a LIGHTSABER, a blackmail worthy PHOTO, a PLANK WITH NAIL, a device for the FIRST STRIKE, a SANTA VOODOO DOLL and a FF7 SUPER SECRET ATTACK.

Use the door on the right to return to the scientist and use the lightsaber on him to threaten him. You’ll make use of the BrainJam program to make him talk and get to know how to operate the teleporter. You’ll now meet Santa and save him. But you still need to defeat the boss so when he wants to use his lightsaber, you’ll use the FF7 super secret attack.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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