You don’t remember anything from the night before.

But you need to get your wallet and keys back otherwise you can’t get home. Use the doors of the bar to find them closed. Talk to the lady and ask for your wallet. She doesn’t have them but refers you to the club next door and gives you a FLYER. Walk to the left to reach the XXX club. In front are some garbage bins. Look at them until you find a KEY, just below the bright blue object.

Walk to the right and use the key on the doors of the bar. On the stool next to the bar is a $50 BILL. Take it and leave the bar again. Walk back to the left and enter Club XXX by walking in. Talk to the lady behind the counter who recognizes you. You must have made an impression last night.

Ask her if you can go in because you need to find your car keys. She wants $20 for that first. Give her the $50 bill and tell her to keep the change. All of a sudden she has found your WALLET. Aks if everything is OK and you can go in. There you’ll meet another mistress.  Talk to the lady and when she mentions spanking tell her good spanking is life.

She’ll give you a good spank and you’ll find your car keys as well. Take the KEYS and talk to the lady again. Tell her to keep her filthy hands off and she’ll throw you out. [NOTE: Due to a bug, you can get stuck. When talking to the lady for the second time make sure you stand on the right beside her so you’ll be in the right location outside.]

Walk to the right twice to find your car. Use the key on the car to drive off but then you’re stopped by a police officer. Talk to the man and when he asks for your license, put your wallet on the green dot. He’ll then ask you if you’ve been drinking. And because you want to go home, you just deny the fact. He’ll let you go for now and you can go home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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